Stuck Being Single? 7 Ways To Get Out of a Rut and Find a Partner

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Are you still searching for 'the one' and feeling frustrated and stuck? Has your dating search reached a plateau? It is time to shake up your routine and get out of your rut!

Here are 7 ways to get unstuck:

  1. Expose Conflicting Messages. Dig out and examine any conflicting messages you have about dating and finding a partner to see what they are telling you. Is your self-confidence low? Are you feeling fear? Is a thought or emotion arising that is not in alignment with being in a relationship? Are you really ready to find love or is there some inner work such as healing and forgiveness that you need to do before you are in an open and receiving place?
  2. Examine Your Blocks. Whenever you feel stuck, it is time to reassess your focus or look inside at what is blocking your progress. Perhaps you have made yourself extremely busy to prevent time for dating and developing a relationship. You may want to look at your priorities to see if you are allowing the time and energy needed to find a new relationship. You might consider hiring a coach to support you as you tackle your fear, build your self-esteem or reorganize your priorties and time.
  3. Direct Your Mind and Add Emotion. A key ingredient for success in attracting a relationship is using your mind and thoughts in a positive way with tools such as affirmations and visualizations. Affirmations and visualization are only effective when you include emotion. You must feel good about your current desires and dreams, and you must inject that good feeling into your entire mind training practices.
  4. Believe It Is Possible. If you have lost faith that love can come to you, then you may need to devote some time fortifying your belief in yourself and the universe’s ability to deliver your request. Read dating success stories or talk to friends who have found love and rekindle your belief that it is possible for you.
  5. Relax. You can also rest and recharge for a while. Constant searching for love can be exhausting if not balanced with replenishment. It is okay to take breaks and just enjoy your friends, family and your activities. Return to dating when you feel more energy for it.
  6. Have Fun. Give yourself permission to have some fun. The reason that some people find the love of their life when they were not specifically looking for a relationship is that their mind stopped thinking about scarcity and lack of love and was just living and enjoying life. They were vibrating energy of playfulness and lightness, and this frequency attracted a potential partner.
  7. Try Something New. Periodically look at other dating services and opportunities to meet new people if you feel flat towards your current way of looking. Join a club or group that shares a common activity interest. Find some new friends, take a class, and step out of your usual comfort zone and mix up your routine!

Tomorrow is another day and an opportunity to begin again. Keep the faith that you really can find love! And remember, you are the creator of your life. So design one that you can enjoy single or coupled. Reinvent yourself if you feel stuck and be open to change. Have some fun and smile at everyone you see. You never know when that smile will open a new door for you. Your life is waiting to be lived.

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