Sex & The City: What If The Girls Went To Therapy?

Sex & The City: What If The Girls Went To Therapy? [EXPERT]
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The show may have been a lot shorter if the girls did a few things different ...

Carrie: Honey, if it hurts so much, why are we going shopping?
Samantha: I have a broken toe, not a broken spirit.

— Sex and the City

Most women over 30 just aren't that open to going out to meet men after they've been running errands all day or working 10 hours straight. We'd rather curl up with a good book or the dog. Or maybe, we'd kick back on the sofa watching Sex and the City reruns. We would marvel at Carrie and the gang's endless ability to dress up, socialize and trawl for men and wonder, "Where do they get all that energy?"

Even if we had their mysterious incomes and teams of stylists, we'd be so exhausted from all the shopping and grooming that we wouldn't have the oomph to dress up and go out. So, we'd have a friend come over and watch Sex and the City reruns instead. 

But there's another problem: as we've grown older and hopefully, wiser, Carrie and the gang have remained immortal. Now, watching them rush around like there's no tomorrow and over analyze their lives can get tiring. Sometimes, all we want to do is tell them to get over themselves and go to therapy.

Seriously … there are people who are paid to listen to that stuff — why do we have to? We also want their credit cards revoked. All that conspicuous consumption; they should be ashamed of themselves. Five-hundred dollars for one pair of shoes? I mean … really? So, maybe you buy one pair to say you did it but to have a closetful of them? How did we not see how wrong this was?

Sure, it was just television but for many of us, the Sex and the City gang were role models. We wanted to be them. We wanted to drink cosmos, dine at the fanciest restaurants and live in one of the most expensive cities in the world off of the proceeds from writing one syndicated column a week. We wanted to be as clever as Carrie who could always spin her story in a way that made her sound open, honest and insightful. The problem was that Carrie stayed stuck and never seemed to figure it out. Keep reading ...

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