He Doesn’t Stop Until He Gets What He Wants


Today’s dating advice is brought to you courtesy of Milo. He is the most tenacious dog

Meet Cosmo (the big guy), and Milo (his side-kick).  Some people call them dogs, but those of us without human offspring, like me, refer to them as their furry, four-footed children.  You will be hearing a lot about them in my blog not only because they are my kids but also because they are masters at teaching how to live life with an open heart.

Today’s dating advice is brought to you courtesy of Milo.  He is the most tenacious dog I have ever seen.  When Milo gets an idea in that peanut-shaped head of his, there is no stopping him, especially when it comes to taking walks.  He has to have two everyday, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, or he literally won’t leave me alone.  To get my attention, he has a developed a wide range of annoying but comical behaviors—scratching incessantly at my door, licking me all over, running in crazed circles around the house.  My favorite is when he stands in the doorway, his tail wagging furiously, and stares me down.  Without fail, he bends me to his will.

I admire Milo’s I-won’t-quit-until-I get-what-I-want approach.  If he were human and dating, he’d go far because he doesn’t stop until he gets what he wants, and he doesn’t take anything ersonally.  He doesn’t get his feelings hurt when I push him away or tell him to wait.  He just disappears for a short time and returns with even more determination.

Can you imagine what it would be like if you took that kind of approach to dating?  What if every time you went on a date and it didn’t work out, you just came back stronger, wiser, and more determined than ever to find a partner?  Could you imagine having that kind of commitment?  In today’s world, this is what it takes.

Here’s a challange:  Think of a recent time in your dating when you gave up easily.  Maybe you went on a bad date and said, “This is ridiculous.  I can’t do this anymore.”  Or, maybe you weren’t getting the kind of responses you wanted so you took down your online dating profile.  Or, maybe you told yourself you’re too old to have what you want.  Or, maybe someone stopped calling without explanation after a few dates.

Ask yourself what you can do to turn it around.  Can you repost your profile and email 20 men or women?  Write a new profile?  Get better pictures?  If you’re older, you can throw a dinner party and have everyone invite a single friend of the opposite sex or join a dating group that is age appropriate.  Maybe your wardrobe or hairstyle needs to be updated or you need to lose 10 pounds.  With the one that disappeared, send an email and say, “I don’t know why you disappeared but I’m disappointed.  I would have appreciated a call.  I wish you well.”

My best dating advice: date like Milo.  If he were out there, he wouldn’t just stay the course.  I have no doubt that that he would end up with the hottest “bitch” in the hood.  He’d be the guy everyone would envy.  They’d say, “How did he get her?”  And I would say just one word: Tenacity!  Go date tenaciously.

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This article was originally published at Lisa Shield Dating and Relationship Coach . Reprinted with permission from the author.