Live Orgasmically, With Or Without A Partner

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Do you need to have a partner to practice Tantra? Unleashing your goddess power for more passion.

I frequently get the question, "Can I practice Tantra if I don't have a partner?" The answer is an emphatic "Yes!"

It's true that there's nothing quite like dancing in ecstasy with one you love but not having a partner, or not having a willing partner, doesn't mean you can't live a passionate life. In fact, a partner can even be a distraction from taking responsibility for your own turn-on and taking an unflinching look at your own sensual health.

A woman awake to her Shakti, her sacred feminine power, is one who moves through life radiant with love, spirit and energy. She knows herself as a spark of divinity and has practices to help her return to her own heart light for sustenance when human existence gets overwhelming. (A pretty critical skill to have in these wonky times.)

She feels things deeply and honors her emotional life as a sacred guide. She owns her sexual energy, feels succulently alive, and allows her erotic energy to fuel her creative contributions in the world. She has "Joy-gasm" experiences just smelling the morning air, seeing beauty, or tasting a ripe cherry tomato from the garden. Get her in bed, listen to her body and WOW, this woman has the power to bring you both into the light.

As high-achieving professional women, we’re good at making things happen and being successful. Nothing wrong with that. The key to living orgasmically, not just in the bedroom but throughout our day, is bringing our feminine power into alignment with our already well-developed masculine side.

She needs to feel, to be bathed in delights that awaken all her senses, to be loved and listened to. If you do not make time for her, why do you think that a man will? This is your task first. And it's a most beautiful and pleasurable one indeed.

What is the goddess inside of you saying that you don't want to hear? How does she want to be loved today? When was the last time you surrendered your anxious attention to accomplishment and let yourself float in the waters of let go? Your Shakti power often speaks more softly but make no mistake, she creates life.

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I see the goddess in you. This is her time. The world needs her light.