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Premarital Education After Marriage? You Bet.

Premarital Education After Marriage? You Bet.

Have you been married for some time and wish you had gotten premarital education? You're hardly alone as many couples, awash in the blissfulness of the honeymoon phase, don't consider that this might be a useful toolbox to have on hand. It's not until after the haze of love turns to the starker glare of reality can couples sometimes wonder if they "should" have taken the time to invest in their future in this way.

A recent study by BYU demonstrated that premarital education is an effective means of improving communication between couples gearing up to walk down the aisle. Being that effective communication is one of the most important aspects of a strong, healthy relationship, it seems that even couples married for some time could benefit from learning the same tools.

It's not too late to benefit from getting premarital education. Other areas married folks can benefit from exploring are each other's experiences in their families of origin and how the previous relationship lessons learned potentially hinder them now, assess their levels of emotional safety and check in on the logistics of their marriage. Are both parties satisfied with "who" does "what," etc?

So what if you're already married, sign up for a local premarital class, find a counselor or whatever way fits for you to get the information. It is a loving investment of your time to nurture your relationship in this way, regardless if it's after the walk down the aisle.


Lisa Brookes Kift is a Marriage and Family Therapist and author of The Marriage Refresher Course Workbook for Couples, a tool for married couples to strengthen their relationship foundation by learning the principles of premarital education.


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