Wow! Aren't We the Lucky Ones???

Wow! Aren't We the Lucky Ones???
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My husband and I were talking last night about one of our favorite
evening topics - us and how fabulously happy we are.  I know, it's
probably boring to other people, but we make a habit of this particular
conversation. Why??  Well to people who practice law of attraction,
that should be obvious.  It focuses our attention on what's working in
our lives.  By thinking about being happy together, talking about being
happy together, celebrating being happy together, we are sending out a
very healthy happy together vibration and get a lot more happiness
together back in return.  This is more then just a "what I appreciate
about you" conversation.  This is a serious gloating, "Aren't we the
most lucky people in the world to have this magical relationship?"
celebration conversation. 

And here's the breaking newsflash... Dude - seriously - we are!  We have one of the coolest relationships out there. 

I can here some people saying, what might seem obvious, "Sure Lisa,
brag it up about that great guy and wonderful marriage - it's easy when
you've got a great guy and wonderful marriage.  Not to easy when things
aren't that fabulous and life's not feeling like such a paradise." 
Maybe - maybe not.  Griping and complaining are easy to do, and
honestly sometimes it feels good or even necessary to let off a little
steam. However, habitually complaining about anything creates an
energetic situation that isn't likely to produce happy results.  Here's
the honest truth.  Talking about how rockin' something or someone is -
is more fun.  It really is.  More importantly, luckily, it is a much
more powerful vibe.  The Universe really likes the good stuff, picks up
on that order stat, and starts showing you evidence really quickly.

my husband and I are talking about super fabulous love, and wonderful
amazing life, we aren't spinning a fantasy tale.  It's all true. He is
my love of many lifetimes.  He's everything I ever dreamed up and much,
much more.  We have the kind of life together many people would envy -
and we celebrate on it, brag about it, and revel in it all the time.  I
suspect we are a little sickening to be around at times.  We committed
to each other at the beginning our our relationship to only look for
the best in each other.  That is quite possibly the most precious of
all the things I promised him when we got married.  I know he sees the
best in me, even when I've lost sight of it.

I believe there is
a secret to a happy marriage.  It's easy.  Find the magic, celebrate it
like a six year old on Christmas everyday.  Look for the party and show
up for each other.  Be that couple that makes other people roll their
eyes and wish you'd get a room. If you aren't living the fantasy quite
yet, pretend you are and party on.  And - and this is maybe most
important as if your life depends on it, look for the very best in him
- because your life may not depend on it, but your love certainly does.