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What's On Your To-Do List

What's On Your To-Do List
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It is my experience when you ask married women what their top three priorities are their marriage is almost always in that list, as it should be. It is also my experience that when you ask them how they are spending their time and energy their marriage or their husband gets somewhere between very little to absolutely zero singular focus.

Sure you’re in the car with him on the car trip to the in-laws. I know, you go to bed together every night. However, if your husband and your marriage aren’t getting the energy that your priority list dictates it should, the relationship will suffer. More simply put, if your relationship is in your top three priorities, it needs to be getting that much time and focus.

There is a myth that says relationships, marriage in particular, are hard work. They certainly don’t have to be. That said, they do not run well on autopilot. You can’t just point a relationship in a specific direction and let it go while giving your time and attention to everything else in your life. The relationship is likely to go off course. Unfortunately, often, the only time a relationship gets top priority with regards to energy, is when it has already gone off course.

Now, I’m not saying you have to “do the work”. Quite the opposite. I am saying however, you do have to give your relationship the time and attention you would anything else you want to grow. Relationships thrive under the warm spot light of appreciation and understanding. Relationships do take time. To put it bluntly, your relationship requires one on one, face to face time alone.

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