What Are You Talking About?


Communication can make or break your relationship.

I see this happen with couples more often than I care to say.  Kids, pets, jobs, carpools, and money take up too much time and before anyone knows what happened that's what a couple is talking about, almost exclusively.  They spend so little quality time together, that when they do cross paths in the kitchen, they need to exchange information, as quickly as possible. When they meet up in bed they are very quickly sound asleep.

The quality of a relationship is equal to the sum total of the communication in a relationship.  What you communicate about and how, defines who you are respectively to each other. There are no exceptions to this rule.

If all of your conversations with your beloved are transactional exchanges of information, or household problem solving, that person won't be your beloved for long. They will quickly become a business partner. Life changes relationships because life changes. However, relationships don't run well on autopilot. Someone has to be at the helm. An intention for a happy relationship isn't enough. It requires some tending. It doesn't have to take hard work, it just takes awareness.

So, be aware. Notice what the sum total of your communication says about the state of your relationship.  Do you have a business partner/roommate or do you have a lover/spouse?

If you want more intimacy in your love life, it might be as easy as expanding your conversations to make room for more closeness.

Lisa Hayes is a Relationship Coach and Author of How to Escape from Relationship Hell and the Passion Plan. She is also co-founder of Good Vibe Coaching Academy, specializing in LOA Coach training. To get Lisa's FREE Audio, "How to Talk to a Man" Click here.