One Piece of Relationship Advice

One Piece of Relationship Advice
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In an interview recently I was asked, “If you had just one piece of relationship advice what would it be?” Just one???

Heaven knows I’ve got more then one thing to say about relationships. I’m not even sure how I answered that question, but upon reflection I did come up with an answer that surprised me. My one piece of advice wasn’t all that sage. It is simply this - turn off the TV.

That’s right. Turn off your TV.

It’s also my one piece of advice for how to overcome depression, make friends, lose weight, get your house organized, and improve your children’s grades at school. When it comes to relationships the TV is a lot like junk food. It’s cheap, it tastes good, but it’s just not healthy.

First of all, let’s face it, there is a lot of negativity on the TV and even when your selective about what you watch, it still filters through.

Secondly, I don’t want to see relationships through the filter of television shows. I want to choose the messages that head into my brain consciously. When I’m watching TV that messaging is a lot harder to monitor.

All of that said, the television creates a barrier that prevents communication. We all know that, but we tend to ignore it. If you want to really connect with someone at some point it’s going to require connecting through conversations in intervals that last longer then 4 minute commercial breaks. I have to admit I was unaware of how the television impacted my marriage until we quit watching it in the evenings. Most nights now my husband and I do yoga together, but every evening we go for a walk. 

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