My Imagination is More Powerful Than My Doubts

My Imagination is More Powerful Than My Doubts

I remember a few years ago driving through this neighborhood, just South of the Capitol...

I remember a few years ago driving through this neighborhood, just South of the Capitol, with beautiful historic homes, lovely flower gardens and tall willowy trees lining the streets. I dreamt of living there. I remember it well, because I drove there often. To say that area was out of my price range was an understatement. It didn't matter to me though. I would drive through those streets three or four times a week, and when the weather was nice, it was my favorite place to walk. Did I ever believe I would live in that neighborhood? Hell no.

When BMW first introduced the Mini Cooper, I wanted one so bad I could hardly stand it. I test drove the Mini Cooper so often that I had to drive to dealers in other cities because my local dealer got tired of me taking up sales person's time. I found a picture of a blond standing next to a shiny new Mini Cooper and put it above my desk. Did I believe I was going to get a Mini Cooper? No. I was upside down in payments on my Hyundia. Was I taking Mini Cooper test drives in an effort to bend the Universe to my will? No. I did it for relief. It felt good. In fact it felt really good to imagine myself driving one of those little cars off the lot.

I spent more than a decade of my life in relationships that tanked. Some of them tanked slowly, just fizzling out. Some of them tanked in grand explosive train wreck fashion. The trail of men through my thirties did not lead me to happily ever after. I had no evidence that Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome would ever show up and stay. In fact, I believed quite the opposite. However, that did not stop me from fantasizing. It gave me a place to escape to.

I had this moment a few days ago when we were finishing a walk around our South Capitol neighborhood, walking past my Mini Cooper, holding hands with Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome, when I realized where I was actually standing. I am living right smack in the middle of those fantasies. This may not be everyone's idea of a fantasy life, but was mine. Now it's my real life deal, in living color. My love story had finally come true. 

In Law of Attraction circles there is a lot of emphasis on belief.  "You have to believe it to see it," kind of thinking. If you're not getting what you want, you have to fight those beliefs that are holding you back into submission, because change depends on it. However, I don't just think, I know for sure belief is overrated. Could I have gotten the things I wanted easier or sooner with belief on board? Probably. But the bottom line is I didn't believe, and it didn't mean I wasnt on track for manifesting the life I wanted.

Imagination is a powerful thing, and I was raised an only child so I am the master of playing in my mind. When I'm fantasizing about something, I'm not hung up on whether or not I'm going to get it, I'm just basking in the joy of imagining.  It's pure fun. The bigger the dream the more powerful imagining it into reality can be. When I'm imagining something so big I can't figure out how it's ever going to happen, I don't have to get caught up in the "how's" of it or even if it’s really possible, because I'm already there in my imagination.

As deliberate creators we all know what this does.  As Abraham would say, "Those are some powerful rockets of desire being launched without resistance. Magic—no belief required. My imagination is more powerful than my doubts or my fears."

Now I'm not saying beliefs aren't important, they are and when they aren't serving us, it's worth examining that. What I am saying is belief is not worth getting hung up on. It's not worth postponing visiting with our dreams just because we haven't wrangled the bad beliefs. Belief isn't the only path to alignment, it's one, and there are many others. So, if one path is blocked trying another route might just work.

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