Get Your Party Vibe On

Buzz, Love

My birthday is January 19.  I was born in Western Colorado where January 19 usually had three feet of snow and could be life threateningly cold.  So, birthday parties were usually a no go.  My mother, however, is a consummate party person, and she recognized how important the party was.  So, on my January 19 birthday we would have a wonderful family celebration of Lisa.  On June 19 we would celebrate my six month birthday and have a birthday party blow out celebration with all my friends.  To this day, I will still very often celebrate my half birthday.  Last year for my half birthday my husband took me on a beautiful sunrise hot air balloon ride over Sedona.  Magical!!!  My biggest 1/2 birthday celebration was having my first child on June 18.  This guaranteed me a party every year!  The point is, my mother taught me a hugely important lesson about law of attraction - party it up!!!  Celebrations are important. 

When it comes to my relationship with my honey, we celebrate everything.  We recently took a wonderful bed and breakfast get away to celebrate the third year anniversary of when we met.  Last weekend we took a trip to celebrate our third anniversary of the first time we were - well - intimate.  I know that may be too much info.  We also celebrate our traditional anniversary and our half anniversary of the day we had our first date.  I know some couples who have long given up on even celebrating their wedding anniversary.  They halfheartedly say something like, "everyday is a celebration of our love...".  I hope that's true, but where's the party???  For my husband and I celebrations give us time to reflect on how much we love each other, all the things that we love about being us, and all the things that are going way right in our relationship.  We keep these anniversaries with a commitment like most people have to Christmas.  We get out of town and get into bed or a hot tub and get caught up on appreciating each other. 

Men and women like celebrations equally.  I promise you, if you announce you want to start celebrating the anniversary of the first time you had sex, it will be met with a very warm and enthusiastic reception.  Celebrating keeps life and love fun.  It lifts the vibrational tone of anything instantly - and trust me, I can't think of a more important place to mind and tend the vibrational tone then my relationship with my honey. 

So what do you have to celebrate? What's going right in your relationship?  How can you find an excuse to get away and get your party vibe going?  What can you celebrate, how about the anniversary of when you moved in together?  The anniversary of when you bought your house?  How about partying it up over a good haircut???  It's worth it whatever it is to find a reason to celebrate your relationship, so drop your excuses and get on with the party!!!