Love Your Body, Don’t Ignore Your Health


Respecting your body and your health

In my last article I addressed the topic of body image and how it is important to love your self so you can let love in. While I think this is extremely important because many women loathe their bodies, I also think it is just as important to not ignore your health.

I have worked with a number of women in their 40’s and 50’s that were overweight. They worked out, they dressed well and they took care of themselves. BUT they had not been to the doctor for several years because they were afraid of getting on the scale and what they would hear. Most of these women had no idea what they really weighed. Deep down they did not want to know because then it would become real. They didn’t want to hear from their doctor that their health was in danger and they needed to lose weight. They somehow spent 5-7 years being “too busy” to see their internist or gynecologist.

You can’t ignore your health or lack of it. It doesn’t just go away. Did you know that losing 10% of your body weight will reduce your cholesterol and blood pressure? Pick a day, ANY day and start. Make a plan. Start slowly and plan for each day one at a time. Write it down. Remind yourself everyday that you can do it. You’d be quite surprised how powerful your mind can be.