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" You don't drown by falling in the water, you drown by staying there"

About Lisa Goldberg

I’m Lisa Goldberg a nutritionist, personal trainer and Health Coach. I am also the President/Owner of HealthCoach LLC, a service that delivers a healthy lunch to people working in the financial services industry in New York City.
My interest in health and fitness began, when as a freshman in college, I experienced the “Freshman 15” within the first two months of arriving at school. It was then I experienced those feelings of being uncomfortable in my own body, feeling miserable every time I went to my closet to get dressed, and being very unhappy about the way I looked and felt. I began to educate myself on nutrition and fitness and by the end of my freshman year I changed my diet and began to workout. My body completely transformed, I was hooked.

It wasn’t until 8 years after I graduated from college, that I changed careers and decided to follow my passion for health and fitness. I first became a certified personal trainer. After successfully helping my clients transform their bodies through training and diet advice, I then went on to receive my Masters in nutrition.

I now help my clients not only with nutrition and personal training, but I help them create an awareness, and help them “switch their brain” in how they think about their relationship with food, and their negative behaviors and thoughts that keep them from reaching their goals. Learn how to nourish your body. If you are tired of feeling bad about yourself and your body, call me at 212-920-0070 or email me at lisa@healthcoachllc.com.

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