10 Ways To Start Your Day With Love & Gratitude

grateful couple

A matchmaker's guide on how to start your day with gratitude — and attract a lifelong partner.

6. Friends. Not only are they there to share your ups and downs, you have complete freedom to choose who those special people are. Be a friend in return and you will never find yourself alone.

7. Freedom. No matter what your life may bring you, you are free to choose your own path, to speak your mind and to practice your religion. You could decide today to change careers and have numerous opportunities available to you. Believe in yourself and follow your dreams; you have 100 percent freedom to do so.

8. Nature. To truly live with inner harmony, you must connect with nature. Go take that walk in the park and "smell the roses." See and hear the birds, take a swim in the stream. Feel this intimate connection with earth and say thank you.

9. Beauty. We are surrounded by beauty, whether it be in a painting, a photograph or a song. We can find beauty in the faces around us and from deep within each person.

10. Love. To profoundly love, you must sincerely respect and appreciate who you are. When you can accept yourself, so can those around you. You are a loving being and you deserve to be loved in return. Love comes in many forms: kids, family, pets, coworkers ... pay attention to all of the sources of love in your life and you'll develop a growing sense of abundance around how much love surrounds you each and every day.

By following my suggestions you will begin to truly see the beauty and wonder around you. If you're married, appreciating the one you love more will deepen your commitment and help to foster a great sense of wholeness and fulfillment. And if you're single, don't be surprised when dating becomes more enjoyable and soon that special someone will be very grateful to have you in his or her life.

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