These 5 Words Can Change Your Life And Help You Find Happiness


It just takes a little willingness on your end to ask the big question.

Sometimes life gets messy. Sometimes relationships feel hopeless. Sometimes life can leave us feeling like we'll never fully get it. Sometimes there are just no easy choices, and yet, a choice still has to be made. How do you find your happiness through it all? 

In those moments of messiness, hopelessness, not getting it or tough choices, ask yourself the only question that really matters in the beginning, middle and end:

"What would love do now?"

This may sound trite or silly or just plain ridiculous to you but the fact is, these five simple words can truly transform your thinking and actions in the most remarkable ways. They can, when applied on a daily basis, turn your life around. They release you from your ego's perspective — a perspective that is more invested in keeping you separated from another and needing to be right, yet again. 

As human beings we complicate things greatly.

But in our Soul's quest to be the best we can be, this is the one question that allows us to do just that.

Even in the most frustrating or painful situations, "What would love do now?" assists you in seeing things from a higher perspective so you're able to guide yourself in a direction that leaves you feeling at peace with your choices bringing you the best outcome for all concerned.

Bottom line — real, authentic love just can't fail you. But you need to recognize the difference between the real thing and the fear based or ego love — in all your various relationships.