Picking Your Battles


Expert tip to help your marriage: Picking your Battles
The couples I see with the most ongoing conflict are the ones who have not learned to pick their battles.  These couples stay in constant conflict over who, left the lights on, and why the breadcrumbs are on the kitchen counter top. 
An easy tip for accepting your partners differences is to ask yourself a simple question. Ask if this issue or difference will matter in five hours, five days, five weeks or five years.  If the only reason it might matter is because it might bug you, ask yourself if focusing on the issue will cause conflict or wound your partner. Then ask yourself if it’s an important battle to fight.  No doubt, some things are very important to us.  Commit to working on important issues and letting the ones that won’t matter go.

This article was originally published at Confidence Care Professional Counseling . Reprinted with permission from the author.