What Was I Thinking? (Part Two)

Love, Self

Re-programming Your Brain!

Sow Seeds-Pull Weeds

".....Be Transformed By The Renewing Of Your Mind,"

                                                  Romans 12.2

The Healthy Brain

     It is in awareness that magic happens. Once you are aware that you have so much control over your life, what you think and how you feel, you regain hope and power over self. Awareness can change unhealthy energy into healthy energy entirely on its own. With awareness one of the next steps you can take is to develop a healthy routine and to stick to it. That doesn't mean it has to be boring, or unchangeable. It means that you know what is healthy and any time you get off track from that routine, you know what to do to get back on track.

     Many things that throw you off balance have to do with self care, relationships, and poor use of your time. Here’s list of different areas that are key factors to having brain health. This is a list of behaviors and important areas to include in your brain health plan. This list is not all inclusive. You may not choose to do all of these things, but the more you do, the better you will feel and the more control you will have over yourself. The more you practice being present and making decision based on what's real, the more automatic it becomes. 

-Have a spouse or partner.
-Have healthy relationships.
-Have a good support system.
-Utilize a Life coach and/or Health Coach.
-Practice daily exercise.
-Eat a healthy diet.
-Eat organic foods.
-Get plenty of rest.
-Balance your time in a healthy way.
-Keep your body healthy.
-Live in a clean, organized, and de-cluttered environment.
-Practice meditation and relaxation.
-Have continuous spiritual growth.
-Be open minded to new possibilities.
-Take dietary supplements.
-Be a lifelong learner.
-Turn off the TV.
-Connect with nature regularly.
-Protect your head from injury.
-Learn to use time effectively.
-Practice yoga.

     As you can see, you can't separate the mind, body and spirit when it comes to health, because there is a constant overlap and syncronicity. We are Holistic, whole, perfect and complete. It’s impossible for anyone to live the perfect balanced life all of the time. Instead, get coaching, make a plan, make a commitment to yourself to follow it, and then follow it the best way you can. When you get off track, and you will, get back on track and adjust your plan as needed. Work with your coach to assist you to see anything you’re not seeing. We all have blind spots and need others to assist us to see them. It is much more important to follow the plan the best you can, than it is to follow it perfectly. Remember, progress, not perfection. It’s simple, but it is a process. Reward yourself for your progress regularly. Celebrate your successes. Be easy on yourself instead of hard on yourself. And remember Live On Purpose!