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Whole Life Planning For Conscious Living

Be the change you want to see in the world”
Mahatma Ghandi

     Although our nutrition is of the utmost importance, taking care of your mind and your spiritual needs can be even more important. If you are not taking care of your mind and spirit, you will undue all of the good you are doing while focusing on your body and nutritional needs. We are holistic. The core of the word holistic is holy. Holistic means whole, mind, body and spirit. They are woven together and overlap in every way. You must learn to be balanced and have focus in all areas so you’re not undoing in one area, while overly focusing on another. It’s really a simple balance, but will take some practice on your part to return to whole That’s why I recommend a Holistic Life Coach or Holistic Health Coach to support you along the way. We all need support in our lives when we make changes. You may have a very supportive person in your life that will support you, but if not, hire a coach. You cannot ignore one area of your life without consequences. Remember, you reap what you sow.
     Many of us have learned goal planning over the years as a way to achieve success and to get the things we want in life. I’ve found that without true purpose behind your goals, you will never feel fulfilled and something will always be missing. Have you ever said to yourself, I’ll be happy when….I graduate from college and I’m out on my own, when I land that job, when my business makes money, when I have kids, when the kids are grown, when I have money for retirement, when my illness is healed, when I retire…the list goes on and on. Don’t wait for happiness. It’s here now. It’s in our day-to-day lives and all the simple pleasures we experience each day. They key is living a life based on purpose. Believe you are exactly where you want and need to be on your path from day-to-day.

Life Is Like A Garden

     A purposeful life is one you live by design. Some choose to live life as it comes with no direction. This is an option, but one you may not want to choose. Without direction, you have no say in your destiny. Life happens haphazardly and you never know what direction you’ll be headed next. I believe it’s healthier and much more joyful to live life as it comes, with direction. With purpose guiding your life, you are working with the evolution of your life and soul instead of against it.
     I use a garden as an analogy of life to remember all the working parts. Purpose is the soil since the soil is the foundation of the garden and purpose is the foundation of our lives. When you live a balanced and purposeful life, each decision you make comes from a foundational place. Your foundation is based in value, character, integrity and living in your true essence. With a strong foundation your garden of life will naturally grow strong and healthy.
     So what is purpose? The dictionary defines purpose as; the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc; an intended or desired result. The words intention, point and rational are synonyms. So I recommend one life purpose statement and several life purpose intentions.
     Purpose is the reason and intention for your goals, the motivation behind what you do and what keeps you passionate and on track even when the unexpected happens in life. When you make day-to-day decisions based on your purpose, your life will automatically be guided in the direction you want. Purpose is not a goal or an outcome. It is a foundational way of living. Your purpose is your individual reason for being in this world. What you have to offer and your special gifts and talents. We all have an individual part in life and that part is defined by your purpose. Part of your purpose is common to all humans, like love, connection and being in service to others. The other part of your purpose is very individual and is where your special talents lie.
     To discover or refine your life purpose, ask friends and family what they believe your special gifts and talents are. Make a list of all the things you love doing and all the things that you lose track of time doing. Your unique talents are in the areas of your genius, the things you do that are effortless that others have to work a lot harder at. We still can learn, grow and enhance our talents, but your unique talents don’t feel like work. Your purpose is who you truly are at your essence.
     I’ll give you an example of my general life purpose statement. My unique talent is: I creatively inspire people and enhance the lives of others using my gifts as a healer and teacher to assist people to have a well balanced holistic (mind, body, and spirit) healthy life they will love. Now write yours. You may not get it exactly the way you want it the first time. It takes most people several tries over several weeks to get their statement the way they want it. You will also refine it over the years as you learn and grow. I also write a life purpose intention for every part of my life including my relationships, how I want to be in the world, my spiritual understanding, and how I relate and connect with others. I suggest you do the same. It gives you the structure you need to make all your decisions in life based on your purpose. You will find that having your purpose statement and intentions to live by gives you a place to come back to, a place of knowing. Having your life purpose statement and intentions in place simplifies your life and if you follow them, you grant yourself freedom. Your life will become simpler because you know what to base your decisions on and you will experience freedom because you know your direction in life and the meaning of your life. You are defining who you are and what you stand for. This is true freedom!
     In order to achieve true joy, health, harmony, a feeling of connection and having a life you will truly love, you must build your foundation on purpose. Everything you want and need is already available to you. The key is to grow a strong and healthy garden of life and have faith that it will be revealed and given to you as you tend to your garden. Now that you have your purpose in mind, you have a foundation for all the decisions you make in your life. You are now on your way to have what you have always wanted and needed in your life. Click here to have a life you will love.

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