Are You A Prisoner Of Time?


Master time instead!

Most think of time management, but I like to think of it as time mastery. When you master time instead of managing it, you create time instead being a victim to it.

Once you take control of your time and use it effectively, you will eventually have all the time to do everything you want and need. I call it Whole Life Planning For Conscious Living.

In whole life planning, you know:

  • Your direction in life
  • Your purpose,
  • What to base your decisions on &
  • What’s important to you in your life.

It’s a conscious life map.

The first thing you will want to do to master time is to get clear on what your true talents and gifts are. Refine your life purpose and what your service is to the world.

Once you’ve done that, make a list of the tasks in your business and life that you are either not good at, okay at, or good at. Make a plan to delegate these tasks to others. As you get these tasks and activities delegated to others, you will have more and more time to work in your true genius, your purpose, which will help you on your way to more abundance and satisfaction in your business and joy in your life.

Finally, you need to learn the five different kinds of time you will block:

  • Family time- Schedule time with your life partner and family. Focus on enjoying your connection with them and building your relationships. Don’t do any work during this time. No answering work calls, emails, or texts, and no prep activities. I know it’s tempting to multitask, but don’t do it during family time, only during prep time.
  • Renewal Time- Renewal time is your rejuvenation time. You need this time to recharge your batteries. Take at least one full day off per week where you have time to do whatever you want that will rejuvenate you. You may choose this time with friends and/or family or alone. The key here is to get recharged so you are at your creative best when you want to be. Do not plan prep items on renewal days. If you have a very busy schedule, you may choose to work into one full day a week over a period of a month or two. Additionally, plan time in your week for excercise, health and self nuturing.
  • Purpose time- Purpose time is the time you spend solely on what you do best. What you do in your life that is your life’s gift and/or where you are in service to others. You may be doing this in your career, business or in your personal life. This is where you are the most creative and have the highest energy. Schedule longer blocks of time in this area to stay focused with no interruptions.
  • Social time-We all need a little social time. It’s more difficult to schedule in social time when you have a family and a business and maybe other responsibilities as well, but schedule in at least a couple of hours at least two times per week for balance.
  • Prep time- Prep time is the time you spend preparing for the rest of your more focused time. Include research, errands, material gathering and communicating to your team. Your time here will also include things like stopping at the grocery store, mail, bank or other errands. Don’t forget things like paying bills, laundry, house cleaning and evening making dinner.

Now that you understand the different kinds of time to block out on your schedule, take a look at your schedule and arrange your time so you include blocks of time for each kind of time. Put them on your schedule in the order I have given them to you. It’s important to include all to be balanced. The more balanced you are, the more stamina and vital energy you will have to focus on what is important to you in your life.

Remember, it’s a process to learn how to master time instead of struggling with managing it. Be gentle with yourself along the way and reward yourself when you have successes. A failure can be a success if you learned from it.