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Northbrook IL 60062 - United States



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Attorney, Author, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Mediator, Relationship Coach, Spiritual Coach

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Love is the answer - and it starts with loving your SELF. Together we can change the face of divorce - one heart at a time.

About Linda Kroll

As an author, therapist, mediator, attorney, and Founder of Compassionate Mediation® and SELF-Led Divorce®. I am also a Chopra Certified Master Teacher of Meditation, Yoga, and Ayurveda,

My lifelong mission is to reach as many people as possible with the messages of self-love and compassion. Through awareness, higher consciousness, and empathy, I believe we can make the world a safer place from which to heal and transform our most intimate relationships.

We can become the change we hope to see and positively create more peace, love, and joy in our hearts, our families and in the world.

My primary philosophy is “Love is the answer, but it starts with loving your SELF.”

For over twenty years, I have taught my version of Compassionate Communication to help you connect to your highest and best SELF, let go of limiting beliefs, heal burdens from your past, and relate from your heart. Compassionate Communication helps you create more authentic, kind, and empathetic relationships.

I combine psychology and spirituality, along with financial and legal information, to offer a complete resource for relationship healing and transformation.

I have the honor of being recognized as an expert in psychotherapy, mediation, and spiritual counseling. My trademarked systems of Compassionate Mediation® and SELF-Led Divorce® have helped thousands of couples who were at a crossroads. They have been able to heal and transform their relationships from their highest and best SELF.

In February, 2016, my book — Compassionate Mediation® for Relationships at a Crossroads: Add Passion to Your Marriage or Compassion to Your Divorce — became an instant Amazon International Best Seller.

Together we can change the face of divorce, one heart at a time.

I also offer Compassionate Mediation® Training for therapists, mediators, attorneys, clergy and coaches to apply these unique systems to their own practice.

I am one of only 300 Master Teachers in the world trained by Deepak Chopra, davidji, David Simon, and Claire Diab and the other wonderful teachers at Chopra Center University (CCU).  I was a featured guest on their monthly webinar series, where I taught my innovative technique of  Compassionate Communication, a method of merging one’s higher consciousness with an emotionally unburdened “SELF.”

Under the fifteen-year tutelage of Richard Schwartz, (founder of Internal Family System Therapy or IFS, a model and practice for developing self-love,) I have trained other IFS therapists and have been a presenter at the IFS International Conferences.

As a lifelong learner and teacher, I have studied a number of therapeutic emotional tools including Level Two Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Holographic Memory Resolution, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and have completed dozens of workshops with renowned personal and spiritual growth leaders, most recently with the joyful and gifted creative team of SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) and Dr. John Waddell.

I look forward to connecting with you and helping in any way I can.

Linda Kroll Success Stories

“We’re building an entirely new marriage.”

Couples in crisis

“I resisted leaving for years with two young kids and limited finances, the idea of leaving felt almost as bad as staying. By the end of our first session, we were able to strip away some of the old resentments and junk to have a glimpse of the person we fell in love with all those years ago. After a few short months, we are no longer thinking of ending our marriage. Linda is helping us build an entirely new marriage. She is a Godsend and is helping me to love myself, love my husband, and love my life. What a treasure.”more


“I came seeking a mediated divorce documents and came out...."

Couples in crisis

“I came to Linda seeking mediated divorce documents and came out with nothing but peace and hope.” Linda’s unwavering pursuit of compassion and dogged exploration into the emotional history of both our lives was incredibly revelatory. I came to understand how little I understood myself emotionally as well as how much pain I had suppressed, hidden, or avoided. I was able then to see my wife as a person to be respected, instead of a problem to be solved, and now am party to perhaps the best divorce the world has seen. My relationship with my ex-wife now is better than it ever was when we were married. Our child has performed a full reversal of negative behaviors to become a desired friend, colleague, and leader in her social circles. I came to Linda seeking mediated divorce documents, and came out with nothing but peace and hope.more


“I’ve experienced significant improvements in my relationship..."

Women seeking to start over in a relationship

I’ve experienced significant improvements in my relationship with my husband and children.”more

“When you’re stuck or unhappy in your closest relationships, it’s easy to lose faith in yourself and in life. Linda helped me to regain that trust. Even though my family was unwilling to participate in the process, Linda taught me new ways to approach old patterns…I’ve experienced significant improvements in my relationship with my husband and children. I was enduring a contentious marriage and now both of us have reached a place of reconciliation. For me, this is the key: Linda guides you to re-frame your story with compassion for yourself AND all your significant relationships, even the most difficult and hurtful. Thank you with all my heart, Linda!”


“She has guided me to safely unburden past wounds “

Women dealing with stress

“I will forever be grateful I found Linda to help me on my journey to SELF. She has guided me to lovingly and safely unburden past wounds and traumas, and fill it with self-love, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness.”more


“Linda’s process gave me a sense of clarity and peace.”

Women seeking spiritual guidance

“Linda has a gigantic tool box. Her ability to pick the proper tools at the proper moments was ingenious. I have experienced Linda in groups and alone. Both proved to be invaluable. Climbing up the mountain with Linda’s support, and being able to see what was in front of me, gave me a sense of clarity and peace.“more


“Linda guided us mindfully through the impact of divorce.”

Couples considering divorce

“My (former) husband and I owned a business together and worked together every day. We wanted to dissolve our marriage but not lose our company in the process. Linda helped us sort out the dysfunctional parts of the relationship from the parts of our relationship that still worked and we wanted to retain, allowing us to continue to work together, successfully, for years. She helped us separate from each other in a mutually respectable way so that I could move past my anger and disappointment in the failed relationship.more

She also helped us stay focused on what was really important: our 3-year-old child, making him the center of most of our decisions, asking ourselves what was best for him as we wrote our joint parenting agreement.  When our son attended a group for kids of divorced parents at his school, they thought he was fantasizing when he told the counselor his parents worked together every day.  Not only was Linda able to guide and advice us mindfully through the psychological and physical impact of divorce, but also the legal aspects, helping us as she wrote our divorce decree to suit our needs.”

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“Linda helped me love all ‘Parts’ of my SELF!”

Women dealing with stress

“Entering my 50s, my roles as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and SELF were challenging and exciting. I was looking for balance, and a stronger validation of SELF. I wanted to maintain my roles from a place of truth. Linda guided me, bringing all my Parts to the table, and helped me to separate, change, love, and validate them all.”more


“I am breaking free from destructive patterns.”

Women starting over

“In just one session with Linda Kroll, I gained insight into a stumbling block in my relationship that I thought was impassable. Her clarity and intelligence cut through my defenses allowing me to see the ways in which I was sabotaging myself. She is a serious and effective therapist who continues to give me the courage to face my painful past and the tools to break free from destructive patterns. I am very grateful for her presence in my life and awed by her extraordinary skill. ”more


“In just one session with Linda Kroll, I gained insight into a stumbling block in my relationship that I thought was impassable. Her clarity and intelligence cut through my defenses allowing me to see the ways in which I was sabotaging myself. She is a serious and effective therapist who continues to give me the courage to face my painful past and the tools to break free from destructive patterns. I am very grateful for her presence in my life and awed by her extraordinary skill. ”


“With Linda’s caring guidance, I moved forward with peace and hope."

Women in complicated relationships

“When I was first referred to Linda, I felt sad, scared, alone and extremely confused. With Linda’s caring guidance, I learned ways to cope with what was happening with my life and how to move forward with peace and strength. She showed me options I didn’t know existed. This helped me feel so much more in control of my actions and decisions and allowed me to be a strong role model for my children. Life is so much better…I now face each day with excitement, strength, and peace.”more


“Linda is my Zoloft®!”

Men dealing with stress

“Whenever I remember the caring presence and compassionate direction she brought to our sessions, I feel more calm. Linda is my Zoloft®!”more


“I learned there could be a compassionate divorce.”

Couples in crisis

Before working with Linda, I was trying to figure out the direction that I should take individually, how to decide whether a divorce was the most logical option for me and my family, and first and foremost the best way to handle these challenges while providing the best outcome possible for our daughter, who did nothing to deserve any of the changes that were taking place.more


I imagine that working with me and my spouse was quite challenging as we both brought a lot with us while dealing with intense life issues Once the difficult decisions were further along, there was space to let concepts into my mind and heart of empathy and compassion. Linda always seemed to maintain an ability to stay above the fray, and she taught me how to come from my Highest Self. I feel that I understood the meaning of Highest Self immediately, yet before being introduced to that concept by Linda, I don’t think that I operated from that place often enough.


I am now working toward living my best life, from my Highest Self, looking for good things for myself, my newly structured family, and for the greater good in my business and personal life.