9 Reasons Why You Need A Yoni Massage Now

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Seriously, a healing Vagina massage will set you free!

Yoni (Vagina) massage is a powerful healing tool for women. It is a modality that has been deeply effective in my own healing journey and is a practice that goes far beyond anything you can imagine in it's power to heal and awaken all women to the amazing potential inside of themselves. 

I recently received a deeply healing and powerful Yoni massage from a Tantric master while traveling in India.  I have good instincts and I felt instantly safe in this mans presence. I could feel his deep commitment to providing a safe container for healing, and he confirmed my intuition by adding; "I don't call myself a healer. I guide you. You are your own healer." There was no ego attached to him "healing me" or even worse, feeding his ego about his ability to give me pleasure.

This was what I got from this experience and why I believe every woman should receive this:

 1) Sexual healing

This one may be obvious or you may not be familiar with this fact; sensual and sexual touch can be deeply healing and enlightening. Especially for sexual trauma, which is pretty amazing considering a non-consenting, violent or shameful sexual experience or belief system is what caused the sexual shut down or excessiveness in the first place.

When you are consenting, and the space is created and held in a safe and healing container for you to fully receive, feel and release anything you've been holding onto in the body and mind, Oh My God it is powerfully and profoundly healing.

The body holds trauma in the tissues. And just like when you get a knot in your shoulder that you need to have worked on by a massage therapist, your Yoni needs it's knots worked out with conscious massage too. Massage effectively relieves and releases stress and tension that is stored in the tissues of the body from physical or emotional injuries. Even if you haven't had a sexually traumatic experience, your Vagina can take on the limiting beliefs you have about sex, pleasure, femininity, being a woman, love, receiving, trust and being vulnerable in relationships, and massage can ease that stress away. 

2) Permission for more pleasure 

I often ask the women in my sensual embodiment workshops; "Why do you think it's important that we give ourselves permission to have and experience more pleasure than we may have allowed ourselves before."

One wise woman responded perfectly; "When I give myself permission to receive and feel more pleasure than I ever thought I was capable of, or "allowed" to have, I am sending out a "Yes!" to other women to allow themselves to have this too. If we are all receiving more pleasure then we have our focus on goodness, joy, beauty, love and gratitude. We cultivate those energies in ourselves and we reverberate that back out into the world."


3) Oneness

In the midst of pleasure and orgasm we are touching the source of our Oneness, that mystical and expansively peaceful realm of pure, infinite love. Here, we are connecting to the deepest parts of ourselves, if even for a few moments in our big O. This moment of bliss is expansion and connected to the cosmic wonder and creativity from the Higher realms. We remember our Divinity and that there is more important things than...well, everything else.  Our Soul can speak to us here, this is where we receive the divine inspiration and direction for our lives. This is where we feel connected to everything and know that all is well.

4) True power

When you invest the money and receive a Yoni massage, you are setting the intention that this is about you and only you. That is powerful. 

Giving him a lingam massage in return is not to your subconscious because it still sends the message that you need to give sexual pleasure in return when you receive it, and this is one of the oldest sexual trauma beliefs we have in our collective consciousness as women. 

Sure, you and your partner can gift each other sensual healing sessions and this is wonderful if you have the understanding of how to hold space for trauma and your partner can do the same for you. But it's certainly easier to slip into a mutual bonding session (which can be healing in its own way, but again, it's not all about you, which is what is so powerful here).

You will be free to tap into your own power source when you know that this is all about you.  You will own your YES and your NO. You will speak up and you will ask for what you want. 

If you have an issue with receiving, then this will be extra important for you to experience and move through all your controlling tendencies. 

When you allow yourself to claim the time, space and authenticity of the session for yourself and nothing else, you are on the road to holding your own true boundaries and power.

5) You get to surrender

Surrender isn't a comfortable word for everyone. It requires releasing control which requires deep trust. If you're afraid of surrendering then you definitely need to do this.

I've been practicing surrender and trust for a good while now, and I still have to talk myself through when my mind starts to fear, control, cling or mistrust.

Use your breath like your life depends on it, and direct your attention into your pussy and the sensations in your body. Do what you need to so you get out of being stuck in your head. Let your mind be blank. Now is not the time to think, not about the washing you have to do, the kids, the dog, the husband, not about if this is ok or if you should be looking sexier for the Tantra masseuse. No-thing. Breathe and center yourself and tell your mind it's safe to let go.

Your mind is pretending that it's in charge but really it's your heart (and your pussy!) that leads the way. Tune into the subtleties of your physical sensations, the sweat on your face, the slide of his hands, the inside walls of your beautiful Yoni.

Let yourself surrender and be taken away by the flow of femininity that seeks to envelop you.

When we learn to surrender and are taken by that current of life force energy, you are able to touch Goddess (Source), you can be present, and you can feel your Soul fly. 

6) Manifesting power

Your sensual energy is creative energy. Receiving a sensual Yoni massage gets your inner creative juices flowing! Open yourself up to this energy being more than just about pleasure or healing, but also to open the flood gates of abundance in your life! Set an intention to use this energy to attract more abundance in your life! This is seriously powerful stuff! 

Although you may not be consciously getting all the downloads of ideas of what you can do to increase abundance in the actual session, know you have received it by opening yourself energetically to the flow, and pay close attention to the flow of ideas, opportunities, money and graceful wonders that pour into your life over the few days and weeks afterwards!

Check out my online coaching program for more on this; O Manifest ~ Manifest your dreams through pleasure! 

7) Anatomy lesson

Do you know exactly what your G-Spot feels like when it's stimulated? Do you know where your P-Spot is and what that feels like? Are you aware of what your cervix feels like when stimulated? Do you consciously give attention to every crevice and corner of your mysterious, wonderful Vagina?

A Yoni massage will bring so much awareness to your whole pussy. You will understand where you hold tension, where you are highly Orgasmic, where you are numb, where you can grow in strength and flexibility inside your walls and where and how you desire to be penetrated deeply and intimately. 

You'll experience all the corners of your pussy in a mindful way. The G-Spot, A-spot, U-Spot and Cervix all have a different feel to them, a different release and a different orgasm.

Speaking of Orgasms...

8) More Orgasmic potential

Although Orgasm is not the purpose or the goal of the experience, it is a yummy bonus. And lots of them if you're body is ready for that ;)

The thing about Yoni massage is that it's a spiritual, healing experience; even if you don't consider yourself spiritual or needing healing! Orgasms are not the focus, which then creates space for you to fully relax, there is no where to get to, no way it should feel and look. Which is usually exactly what your body and mind needs in order to have multiple and full-body out of this world Orgasms. 

You could be having multiple orgasms and 3 hrs of pure bliss. And you could also cry a river, scream some rage and release some serious demons. Or all of the above. You can be in orgasmic ecstasy one minute and the next, crying your heart out.

Orgasm comes in all shapes, sizes and ways. Crying-gasms are very healing and are just as profound as a giggle-gasm.

Practice being a little bit detached or observant when the painful stuff comes up, feel it but also hold onto a gentle reassurance that "this is a good thing".  Then you can easily ride through any emotional pain. 

Remember, on the other side of pain is deeper pleasure, more expansive orgasms and a whole lotta peace!

9) Intention is everything

This is an action step but one that I was able to learn and put into practice again through this massage (just as life teaches us over and over until we really get it and it becomes a healthy habit).

In the beginning of the session, after a good explanation and chance to ask questions are complete, you will set your intention. The guide should facilitate this by writing it down for you and reading it back to make sure it's clear and what you want to intend.

Words are really powerful! So be really clear what it is and even how you want to get it throughout the session. 

Be specific and open. Speak words that capture the qualities and experience you want to have, such as; "I want to release anything that no longer serves my highest good with love, grace, ease and pleasure."

This way, you remain connected to the intention that you are letting go of old pains that hold you back from your purpose, but you are doing so with love, grace and pleasure as you do!



It's of utmost importance that if you are going to receive a Yoni massage that you feel safe and trusting of the person. You certainly may feel some normal fear because you're about to dive into a deeply intimate and vulnerable space which requires opening yourself up in more ways than just physically.

But, you must have a knowing inside of you that this person is capable of holding space for all of you, and that their intention is pure.

I personally do not know any men in Los Angeles (where I live) who are doing this that I would recommend. They may be out there but I don't know them. 

I am trained in this beautiful modality if you prefer a woman guide. If you would like to give yourself the gift of a sacred Yoni healing massage, please reach out to me.

**Any man that implies he can heal you (especially if he says his cock will enlighten you!) is not the guy. He should actually state the boundaries in the beginning which include no sexual intercourse will take place in the session because this is just about you receiving, remember. It's ok to want sex during or after, but instead let yourself just be present to this experience without sex.**

Much Yoni healing power to you beautiful!