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It's so empowering to know that we have choices, that every day we have the opportunity to change our lives. The important thing to know is that if we don't make a conscious choice, we will make an unconscious one.....and get the same results we have gotten so far. I work with you to discover what is important to you and allowing it to come into your life. My clients have had great success in changing their lives, sometimes with just a small shift in focus. Let me help YOU choose your best life!

About Elmasue Zylberberg

I came to coaching from a 30 year background in health-care, and I apply the same compassionate, caring focus to the work with my coaching clients. I have an AS in Radiologic Technology, a BA in liberal arts, work on a Masters in Public Health, and most recently, a Coaching Certificate through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. I have worked with yoga, meditation, law of attraction and have studied the works of many leaders in the field of self discovery and improvement. I use my life experience of marriage, divorce, raising four children, being a clergy wife, and finally finding my own inner power and voice in my work with my clients. I believe that everyone has the power to build the life of their dreams. I am here to guide my clients to that life. What I bring to my clients is acceptance, compassion, and intuition and focus. My clients find in me an active listener, one who asks powerful questions, who guides them to the answers within themselves.

Elmasue Zylberberg Success Stories

" I had someone 100% on my side"

Women dealing with stress

I worked with "T" for about 9 months. She wanted to find the best intern for her company, and makes some changes in her life. When we clarified her list of desirable attributes for her intern, she found the ideal intern within a few days. She writes:more

“From the very first meeting Elmasue was terrific! Warm, smart, kind and focused on goals. She was consistently optimistic and used our time to the best advantage. I felt comfortable and motivated with her at all times. She helped me focus in on what was most important and "do-able" right out of the gate. It was great to know I had someone 100% on my side yet I had to account to her every week as to what I had done. She kept me on path to achieve my goals. I HIGHLY recommend Elmasue Zylberberg!” December 30, 2009

Guess What, Guess What, Guess What!!!!

Women seeking a relationship

I worked with "L" over the course of a month. She was searching for her ideal partner, a fulfilling job, and was trying to sell some property. We worked with visualization, clarifying her desired outcome, and letting go of the attachment to a particular outcome. I asked that she let me know when the ideal partner and sale of the house came to be. I received this email less than 2 months later:more

"Here is the email we spoke of a few weeks ago.

I am so excited that I hardly know where to begin.

Firstly, I met my soulmate! He recognized me right away as I did him and it's exactly the kind of relationship that I want. When we met for our first date, I couldn't stop staring at him and I had this uncontrollable need to touch him. He says he recognized my scent. It is such an easy relationship for us.

Also, the house sold and we will conclude the process this week.

Isn't it all amazing?!

I am truly full of gratitude exactly the way I said I would feel when this happened.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I think of you often, hope you are well and manifesting your desires.

Kind regards,