Single on Valentine’s Day? YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Single on Valentine’s Day? YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Try this fun little exercise to boost your awesomeness this Valentine’s Day!

So it’s Valentine’s Day and you are single

Conventional wisdom says you should feel depressed and lonely.  Maybe you do feel that way, just a little.  That is okay!  Most of the time being single is pretty freaking awesome—don’t allow this silly holiday change the way you feel about yourself.

So instead of downing a bottle of wine and watching rom-coms about men that only exist on film, do this instead:

1. Grab some art supplies (get as simple or crazy as you want): pens, pencils, glue, glitter, paper, feathers, whatever tickles your fancy.

2. On a large piece of paper, write these two words in big, bold letters: I AM.

3. Nice work!

4. Now, begin to fill in the space with all the positive things you are.  Not what you wish you were, not what you “should” be, not who you hope to be.  No negativity.

5. DO NOT EDIT! Let this flow out of your heart, through your fingertips and on to the page.

6. Keep going until there is no more space left!

7. Now sit back and take it all in.  This is YOU.  You are special.  You are amazing.  You are ENOUGH.

Here is a link to mine!  Take a pic of yours, pin it then post the link in the comments.  Rally around your fellow women and repeat: YOU ARE ENOUGH!

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