Being Single and Awesome on Valentine's Day

Being Single and Awesome on Valentine's Day

Flip your perspective on the least favorite holiday of the year for singles.

If you are like most singles, Valentine’s Day is a day anticipated with dread.  We get to watch other women get flowers, chocolates, or one of those ridiculously oversized teddy bears.  We feel the spotlight being shone directly on the fact that we are not in a relationship, that we don’t have a Valentine.  Never mind the fact that it is a made up holiday—it still gets under our skin!

But it doesn’t have to!  You have the power and the choice to flip your perspective and realize all the awesomeness that can come from being single on Valentine’s Day!

1. You don’t need a relationship to make you feel whole, happy and loved!  Learn how to love yourself as a single person.

2. You can celebrate Galentine’s Day (remember this from Parks and Rec?). My friend took me out last year for Valentine’s, paid for lunch and gave me an awesome necklace that I wear all the time.  Way better than any gift a man has ever given me!

3. Remember that things aren’t always what they seem.  Your friend who seems to have the perfect relationship? She might be miserable all the time but puts a good face on it.

4. Revel in your freedom! Being single is an amazing time of freedom and independence.  Take advantage of all it has to offer!

5. Plan something OTHER than sitting on the couch watching Sleepless in Seattle and drinking a bottle of wine.  Get your girlfriends together, take a cooking class, go dancing, do something that reminds you that you are single and awesome!

6. Create a “Being Single and Awesome” Pinterest board and start pinning! You’ll be amazed at how great just a few pins can make you feel.  Here is a link to mine.

7. Remember that you can get up Saturday morning and do WHATEVER. YOU. WANT.  Awesome.

Want to ignite a spark in your life?  Want to discover and claim your awesomeness?  Contact me, we'll chat and create something amazing!