Emotional Eat No More!


Emotional eating can be a thing of the past. Learn more about how it is possible!

Through tears of fear and frustration my client stated, “I just don't trust I can overcome this.”  She is not alone.  

So many of us have “tried it all” only to fail again.  We have years under our belt that “nothing works.”  We feel defeated and alone in our ongoing battle with food.  We then end up feeling like blaaaaa.

Today, I want to break down the anatomy of taking your power back and creating an entirely new relationship to food. 


First of all, when we are stuck in a negative relationship to food we are simultaneiously stuck in reactivity.  Reactivity stems from the past.  It is how we have become conditioned.  We then feel helpless because it feels as if we have no choice.  The truth is that as long as we are stuck in reactivity, we do not have access to choice making this an accurate assessment.

Second, when we are living from a past based perspective, we are no longer living in future based possibilities. In other words, we do not have access to choice because we are stuck in the hamster wheel of the past.


Third, when we are not living in choice, we do what we have always done and get what we have always gotten.  This provides our egoic mind evidence that “change isn't likely or even possible”.  This is false.

My favorite quote along these lines is from Victor Frankl, the author of Man's Search for Meaning.  He states, “Between stimulus and a responce there is a moment and in that moment choice is possible.“  We give our power away when we get stuck in reactivity and therefor can't access choice. 

Now lets break down the anatomy of choice.


First, you need to know what it is you want.  You need to define the end goal.  If you haven't done this, then you won't know to choose it when the opportunity presents itself.  The Course in Miracles teaches us that, “No one will choose against their own happiness, but we may do so if we do not see we do it.”

Second, you need to slow down enough to get a place of choice.  The body will react regardless.  Scientific research showed that when we slow down, we can stop ourselves from reactivity.  Then, we can choose the new possibility. 

Third, this doesn't happen overnight.  Your body is conditioned.  It is possible to choose differently.  It is possible to overcome a limiting habit and replace it with a new possibility.  You can do this if you put your mind to it, define your goals, seek a path to get you there and create a new possibility one step at a time.