The #1 Reason Why Diets Fail


The latest statistics say that 90% of all diet attempts fail. Why?! Sometimes we need more!

The first diet I went on (keyword "first" out of many) was calorie counting with Weight Watchers(R). They don't like to use the word "diet", but let's face it, they are giving you numerical parameters to follow. When calorie counting got such a bad rap in the 90s, because it really didn't solve our problems long term, they switched over to points, which was a fancy name for the grouping of calories. Don't get me wrong. Weight Watchers(R) has helped many women. Yet, with so many diets out there why do so many of us still struggle and even gain the weight back?!

First, for emotional eaters dieting restrictions and plans are not effective long-term. This is because diets don't get to the Heart of the matter and they keep showing us answers outside of ourselves. Until our true needs are addressed at a heart level, the emotional eating will continue to override any diet plan. A diet may work for 4-8 months, yet after awhile the triggers come back and we are telling ourselves for the umpteenth time, "I will back on track Monday! Ugh!"

The reason I personally do not like any diet regimen is two-fold. First, because they keep us obsessively watching our food and weight. Emotional eaters want freedom from this; not more numbers to obsess over! Second, you have to follow an externally prescribed regimen for life or the results can't last. Ugh. The regimen doesn't put you in touch with what you or your body truly needs. Furthermore, regimens don't get us to the mind-body-spirit connection we as women deeply crave. This leaves us starving emotionally.

Here is the scoop:

When diets give us a set amount of food we can have, this can lead to binging, night-eating and general overeating. The truth is that our body's needs change based on numerous factors, both internal and external. When our needs for more food increase and the diet doesn't allow for that, we can easily end up in a guilt-ridden binge and feel completely disheartened.

Keep in mind, sometimes we just need more. Then, when a diet says, "Tisk, tisk! More is forbidden!" we begin to idolize more. The desire for more worsens and builds. Before we know it, OOPS overcomes us yet again! Then, when we've "already blown it", we blow it some more. Next we have to find solace in reassuring ourselves we will start again on Monday. Have you been there?

When on a dieting plan we often have very valid reasons for needing more. For example, our body can use up to 500 extra calories a day during menstruation. Other examples include when we are working out, or under stress. These are valid needs in the caloric fluctuations we experience as women.

Also, studies showed that what does work permanently is what is called the Non-Diet method. This method is taught by many professionals out there and is very accessible. Yet, the fancy advertisements often entice us the most, putting us back on the next diet fad. Don’t let them fool you. There is a better way.

The bottom line is that women's bodies, hearts and nutritional needs are not stationary facts. They shift. Once we learn how to 1) address our true physical needs and 2) how to address false emotional hunger, then we can lose weight without an inch of dieting. You know that tag that says, "ONE SIZE FITS ALL". This is false! While this is true for machines, this couldn't be farther from the truth for women! We need options that are connected to our unique needs and lifestyle. This is where successful and lasting weight loss is found.

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