Learn to Indulge Yourself, Fill Your OWN Coffee Mug!

Be happy

It is important to treat yourself with the things you love once in awhile, YOU ARE ALSO IMPORTANT!

No warm ups, no refills, just empty! Who forgot to refill the coffee pot, replace the filter, grind the coffee beans??? ME!!! 

Did this week just slip away? Did someone distracted me? No, take accountability for pouring into everyone else this week, but yourself Cathy. Thursday I hosted a family brunch with all seven of my grand babies. Friday, I supported my dad in his grief and sorrow as well as my own from the death of my mom 12 months ago. Saturday, eight hours of volunteer work with challenging personalities. 

Juan Valdez was picky about his coffee beans, always need to be careful and must pick the right ones. "Remember this feeling Cathy,"  I say to myself consciously so as not to revisit this place anytime soon. I'm weakened physically and emotionally, mentally tired and in need to be recharged spiritually. I need to be careful about how many coffee beans I give away and how many warms-ups I graciously pour. I almost feel like I'm beyond the point of doing something for myself. 

My next thoughts were, "I must let others do something for me." But I can't wait for that, I need my refill now. It's like the pain of caffeine withdrawal. Need to have my fix. I mustered up the energy to indulge in a bubble bath with patchouli essential oils, ahhhhh exquisite. Shortly after, I treated myself to 90 minute full body massage, which was the perfect setting for prayer and meditation. As the massage therapist worked on my feet, I thought to myself, "mani/pedi next stop for sure!"

Mmmmmm ... I felt warm on the inside ... Could this be the first drop into my empty coffee cup? As I snuggled into the massage chair at the nail salon savoring every moment, two ladies are placed on each side of me for the same service. They both want to talk. One wants my opinion on nail polish and the other wants to talk to anybody about anything. I will not be her next victim, because that moment was all about ME!

Emotionally I smelled the aroma of a fresh pot of coffee brewing. I can feel my energy, enthusiasm and zest for life returning. (2 Corinthians 4:16) Therefore, I consciously and graciously decline to give warm ups to these two women. I gave myself permission and the power to say no, because I had the knowledge that my cup was empty! At that moment I had a warm sense of pride. Internally I was roasting, brewing, and French Pressing a decadent cup of coffee for myself. So I say ladies ... Know when your cup is empty and give yourself the POWER to say NO.

This article was originally published at Cathy Mott . Reprinted with permission from the author.