The secret to keeping the Va jay jay wetter! tighter! and jucier!

The best kept secret on how to keep the vajayjay flowing like ocean!

Many women want to know how they can keep their vagina's tight like a virgin, full of wetness like the depths of the ocean, and juicey like a sweet Georgia peach! Yes, women no matter how old you are your vagina can be healthy and vibrant. As a writer I love to banish myths and taboos. I love to bring ancient wisdom to women about the power of their vajayjays and how to maintain them. I want to share the best kept secret on how to keep the vagina full of life and creamy! The Jade eggs is the best kept secret and has been since the ancient times! Jade eggs have been used foover7,000 years in Asian traditions for increasing vitality through the sexual organs, and they are now becoming more popular in the West. The use of a stone egg to strengthen the vagina is a practice which evolved in ancient China. As legend has it, the secret of this practice was first obtained from Taoist adepts by the emperor. It remained in the Royal Palace and was taught only to the queen and concubines of the most powerful nobles . The womb of a female is the most powerful center of gravity in the body. Unfortunately  the womb tends to concentrate unprocessed (often negative) sexual and emotional energy. The jade can help to move that stuck energy and help you to own the inner space of your womb, which is the core power of the divine feminine. Jade is crystal is high in vibration and is used to abosorb the negative energy in the yoni aswell as emit and emits energy of unconditional love, harmony, balance, creativity, abundance and healing. Placing the egg in the vagina causes the stone to rest on the vaginal canal. It works by inserting it into our vaginal canal and learning to manipulate it in a variety of ways. We can eventually learn to pull the egg up and down, side to side, squeeze it, twirl it, flip it, and everything in between. Our vaginal canal is one huge muscle so over time, the use of the Jade Egg makes our vaginal walls wetter, thicker, stronger and tighter. The added benefit is the fact that manipulating, squeezing, tugging and focusing on the Jade Egg enables us let the egg increases our sensitivity and transforms negative energy. All of these intense, focused contractions build a lot of sexual energy our clitoral and genital region. Thus, it is analogous to starting a fire. It causes our libido to rise and so will the intensity of our orgasms. As women, it is vital to have frequent and deeply intense orgasms because it helps us to increase our estrogen and shorten our menstrual cycle. The more that we are in a moist, aroused state, the more enjoyable our menstrual cycle becomes. Sexy goddess invest in a Jade egg and reclaim your health of your sacred vagina's that is full of love!