Living life on cycle part ll

Learn how to use your menses as your greatest ally instead of your worst enemy!


As promised I want to teach you how to live life on cycle. On my last post I shared how our Menstrual Cycle can be our biggest ally. I shared with you that our monthly cycle consist of four optimum times that can assist us in fulfilling our goals once we become aware of them and how to use them.

The first phase is called the Reflective stage also known as your Menstrual cycle, which around days 1-6 of your cycle. This is the optimum time for inner processing, creative reviewing, reaching the core of things, re- framing, letting go, new ideas, rest and renewal. Hormone levels are at it’s lowest in this phase.

Passionista’s, have you noticed on your menses you naturally want to rest? It takes more effort to get task done? You feel like being bothered with people. It now makes since why. If we naturally listen to our body it will tell what it needs, but we have been taught to ignore our body signals. No wonder why way we are out of balance.

The second phase is called Dynamic stage also know has Pre ovulation, which is days 7-13 of your cycle. This is an optimum time for mental creativity learning, clarity, concentration, researching, structural thinking, independence and physical stamina. Hormones levels are back up.

Have you noticed after your cycle ends you feel like a new person and you can tackle the world.

The third phase is Expressive phase also know as ovulation, which are days 14-20. Optimum time for communication, empathy, productivity, team work, supporting others, emotional creativity, and creating relationship.

Have you noticed around this time you feel like being more social or want to network naturally with out effort?

The fourth stage is Creative phase also known as pre menstruation, which are days 21-28 days of your cycle. Optimum time for inspired creativity, out of the box thinking, problem identification and assertiveness.

Have you noticed that you naturally come up with genus ideas or you may want to express your creativity?

Becoming aware of these four stages and how they can benefit you will assist you in creating a stellar plan on how you want to go about getting your goals accomplished.

My challenge for you is to start tracking your menses and journal how you felt during each phase. On my next post I will show you to effectively plan your schedule using your menstrual cycle.