Living Life on cycle

Learn how to use your menses as your greatest ally instead of your worst enemy!


I woke up this morning and asked myself why is it so hard for me to commit to some of my goals? Why is that some weeks I have more energy to work on my dream than others? As I lay in my bed I am having an internal dialogue with myself pondering on these questions. Inward was a constant battle of nagging and self critical thoughts towards myself. I would go on Facebook and look at successful women that inspired me. I would look at their progress and their brands and become jealous because I felt my creativity stuck. I had a dream in me that I wanted to express and did not know where to start and how. My body filled with anxiety because I knew I had a gift to give to world ,but did not have a plan of action. I felt so behind with working on my dream and even felt I was being lazy.

I was asking myself what is wrong with me? Why is that some days I am full of inspiration and next minute I feel like do nothing?

Passionista’s have you felt this way? Or are you feeling this way?

I wanted answers. I am not talking simple answers like well you need to become more disciplined or go by another self help book that promised to teach me how to effectively plan my day to achieve my goals. I wanted deep metaphysical answers. I have always been a seeker and felt a feeling that there was more wisdom out here that could assist me with my answers to my questions. I got bold enough to ask the universe to help me and guide on what I needed to know. Passionista’s, when I tell you that the universe blew my shocks off.! My answer came in a form of a book called The Optimized Woman, which is a book I highly recommend. It taught me how” to live life on cycle”. It taught me how to use my menstrual cycle to achieve success and fulfillment. Sounds hideous doesn’t it? I bet. Lol
There is so much taboo about our menstrual cycles. One of our most precious gifts has been demonized by religion. Generally the menstrual cycle is seen as an inconvenience rather than an advantage.

What if I told you that you had a tremendous power available to you? What If I told you that you are not using the one greatest gift power source that you have at this moment? Passionista’s The monthly cycle consist of four optimum times. These are days we experience specific heightened mental abilities, emotional qualties, intuitive awareness and physical aptitudes. When I discovered this my whole world changed from the inside out. It banished my guilt and shamed. It allowed me to see why some weeks I was more introverted than my typical extroverted self. It explained why some weeks why I had more energy than others. It explained why some weeks I was more creative.

Passionita’s, over the next few post I will showing you how to live life on cycle. Are you ready to get in tune with your own cycle so that you can manifest your hearts desires?