Introducing The Try NOT to Clean Your Plate Challenge


Move over, Clean Plate Club. There's a new goal in town.

I recently gave a challenge to one of my clients to try for one week to leave a little bit of food on her plate at each meal. It didn't have to be a lot of food, she didn't have to leave over half her meal, just a bit of food, like one last forkful, just symbolically to not clean her plate. When I gave her the assignment, she said that she was extremely nervous and anxious even thinking about it. However, when I checked in with her after a week she said, "It's going really well. It helps me not to be obsessive about what's on my plate and to stop eating past my full point," so I'd say it was a successful exercise for her in dealing with her compulsive eating issues. Is there anyone who would like to try this challenge for a week? Leave a bit of food on your plate after each meal. Then, post here or on the facebook forum and tell us what it's been like for you. Did it make you anxious? Upset? Empowered? If you are interested in joining in, please do!  This is an exercise in mindfulness, because most of us mindlessly clean our plates. We have lots of feelings about not doing so—we don't want to be wasteful, or our compulsive eating habits take over. What if you had to be mindful at every meal to leave some over? It might really start to change the compulsion around your behaviors.

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