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10 years +


Bergen HL 5073 - Norway


CPCC, Other, PCC

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Business Coach, Change Management Expert, Confidence Coach, Life Coach, Mentor, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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Change your story, change your life!

About Leni Christine Jebsen

I am a Leadership & Team coach with more than 15 years of experience working with people around the globe and coaching them to find their courage and step into leadership in life and at work. My background and expertise lie within Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) in addition to having three other internationally recognized coach certifications with a fifth on the way.

Way back when I started out in my first job, I was drawn to how people interacted, how leaders treated their employees and the degree to which people were, or weren't, happy at work. I was particularly fascinated by what created a place where people where loyal, went that extra mile, trust was high, and people were proud of their workplace. I witnessed firsthand the contribution that effective teams and individuals made to an organization and the wasted potential when these critical components lay undeveloped.

I saw many people who were at the mercy of work systems that caused them to burn out and began to recognize a predictable pattern whenever certain factors existed: poor communication and delegation, lack of acknowledgment and appreciation, lack of trust and optimism, inefficient leadership and poor team dynamics, confusion around responsibilities and commitments, or tasks that were poorly matched to a person’s talents. These often accounted for a large percentage of both personal and organizational distress.

After having worked in many different industries throughout the years when my children were young, it was the best and the worst of my leadership experiences that inspired me to pursue a career within coaching, starting out when the coaching profession was still taking its baby steps in Europe. Parallel to pursuing a new career, I built my own company, c-momentum, and as a single mom parented my four children, 3 of whom were teenagers at the time.

I could not have done what I did had it not been for the emotional support of my children. Saying “no thank you” to a secure job and a steady income and taking a 180-degree turn around and starting out fresh in a new profession takes - apart from courage - alignment, support and honest conversations within the most important system we are part of; our closest family. When I changed my career, my choice had a direct impact on my family. Recognizing that, and thus designing with my children how we would all be together when it got challenging, and how we would all step into leadership, made us capable of riding out the storms when they hit. I am forever grateful to my oldest son, 15 at the time, for saying “You go, Mom! We are behind you all the way!”. I carry his words with me to this day.

Leadership coaching is all about stepping into leadership and finding your courage. Whether that be leadership in your life, at work, or within a certain position you have. Step into courage, claim your confidence, know your story and chose who you want to be!

I strongly believe in people’s inherent potential, growth and development, and I am passionate about supporting people be the best that they can be by harnessing the true power that lies within each individual and the systems they are part of.

So, in addition to being ORSC certified, I hold the following certifications: Certified Team Performance Coach, Co-Active Coach, Professional Certified Coach and I am on way to become a Narrative Coach Enhanced Practitioner. I am a faculty member of Team Coaching International and former faculty member, trainer and supervisor at the Coaches Training Institute and CRR Global.

Clients tell me that I am known for being straightforward, warm, engaging and inspiring with an ability to create an atmosphere of confidence, trust, and courage. Here is what Jenny from Australia said:

"Creating change and moving through fear is scary! Leni helped me in a few profoundly simple steps to do it. My hand was not held, but I was empowered to help myself. For that, I'm so grateful. Leni is a wonderful coach and mentor and speaks so succinctly, passionately, revealing EXACTLY what is at the core of one's purpose/fear/hopes/dreams etc. I highly recommend Leni and C-MOMENTUM AS!! Thanks!!"

My passion lies in helping people, teams and families stretch and challenge their limits to reach the aspirations and goals they have set for themselves. I simply get a kick out of seeing people succeed! Go to my website to learn more or follow me on Instagram or Facebook. 

Connect with me directly if you know it is time to take the next step and if you are sick of fear holding you back. Reach out and let's schedule a time to talk. No obligations. Let's talk and see if coaching is right for you at this time. If so, I can help you find and access your courage so that you can step boldly forward and claim the life you long to have, no longer allowing fear to hold you back and dictate your choices!