What is the Baseline of Your Life Without a Man in It?


Article 1 of a 4 part series: The four life levels that influence the quality of love relationships.

What is the quality of your life without a love relationship in it? How do you feel about yourself independent of anyone else or everything else?

This article will discuss the first life level, Self-Expression, and its influence on the quality of your relationships and life, as well as the first steps toward creating something better for yourself. First, a brief summary of the Four Life Levels.

The Four Life Levels

The Four life levels are: Self-Expression, Relationships, Health, and Prosperity. Having or not having a love relationship, as well as the quality of relationship you attract is influenced by how well you manage whatever is going on in other areas of your life. You cannot separate or isolate these levels. An imbalance in one influences the quality of the others. Here is the first of the Four Life Levels.


Your self-expression is born out what you believe to be true about yourself and how you express this truth in your life. For example, when your self-expression is heartfelt, you emanate the love that you are. It is an acceptance of, and an appreciation for, all that you are, and all that you are becoming. It is knowing that . . .

  • You are an extension of God, the Universe, the essence of love itself.
  • It is remembering this truth, living it, and not allowing the experiences you have which do not support it to convince you otherwise.
  • It is knowing in your heart that no matter how bad you may feel or how awful something may seem, the experience you find yourself in does not define you.

When your self-expression is heartfelt, people feel it. Here are 3 of 8 potential ways heart-felt expression shows up:

  • You take responsibility for how you express yourself to yourself and others.
  • You take responsibility for your choices, mistakes, and your lessons; whatever you decide your choice is a conscious one.
  • You stop using your past misfortunes, if it applies, as an excuse for current failed relationships.

Want more love in your life? Remember you are divine, worthy, and valuable; the essence of the love you seek. Your behavior doesn’t, and will never change that.

Article 2 of this 4 Article Series on the Four Life Levels will be: Relationships: Family, Friends, Co-workers . . . How do They Influence Attracting, or Keeping Love in Your Life?
This article contains excerpts from my book, Find Love at Last! 7 Steps to Attracting the Sweetest Love You Have Ever Known, and originated from my article, How is the Baseline of Your Life Without Love? featured on my personal blog http://blog.leeannhawkins.com/ Find Love at Last can be purchased through My Store, on Amazon.com.