New Year, New Love, New Attitude!

New Year, New Love, New Attitude!

What gets in the way of sweet love, and assessing your attitude on the subject.

 If you want a sweet love, and feel it doesn’t exist take heart because it does. You do not have to settle for less than what you want. In fact, 2011 can be the year you find yourself head-over-heels in love! To get from here to there, take a look at some of the beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors that often get in the way.

The various explanations a woman may give herself or others about the reason(s), or ‘excuse(s)’ for the relationships she finds herself in that are a struggle for her, do not work out, or end before they have the chance to get started are varied. These occur under different circumstances, and at times, it would seem, happen for no apparent reason at all!

Regardless of the story, the underlying source is always the same, consistently supports what she believes is possible for her, and how she feels about herself, and is ultimately expressed, or played out in her life regardless of what she may say or want. It resides in a how worthy she feels she is to have the sweet love she desires.

Some of the thoughts that may get in the way of attracting a sweet love, fully enjoying her current relationship, or may prevent her from moving forward after a break-up may be . . . “He is/was too this, too that, he doesn’t’/didn’t do this, or that right, or at all, I don’t/didn’t like how he does/did, says/said, or feels/felt about this or that or me.”

If these thoughts run through your mind, buttons are being pushed in you; buttons that need your attention if having the sweetest love is what you truly desire.
It’s a wonderful opportunity to get to the bottom of whatever it is before it ruins the relationship you have, or keeps you from ever experiencing the kind of love you want.

For example, a few of the common feelings that are often triggered once a relationship has gotten started may include; jealousy, neediness, insecurity, or having a need to control the person. How a woman manages or expresses these emotions when they do show up, have the potential of being a deal breaker, or alternatively, an opportunity for growth for her, either in her present relationship, or in a future one.

The same goes for the guy. A man’s behavior is also subject to change after a relationship gets started, and he is not exempt from experiencing these universal emotions, along with feeling doubt, and uncertainty of how to remove himself from a relationship that he realizes isn’t a good fit for him after he has made a commitment. Understanding how a woman and a man manage these universal emotions has the potential of helping both sexes in identifying and addressing behaviors that can ultimately hurt the possibility of creating a sweetest love situation in a current relationship or attracting one.

Here are five questions to help assess your attitude about love relationships in general.

• What is motivating or inspiring you to want a love relationship?
• How does the thought of having the love relationship you have always wanted make you feel?
• What thoughts and feelings do you have that get in the way of feeling optimistic about having the love relationship that is perfect for you?
• How do you behave when you are in a relationship that isn’t working and do not know how to leave?
• How do you behave when you are afraid the relationship you are in may end?

How did it go? Whatever your answers, it’s perfect. Perfect because what you wrote is where you are with yourself as you think about love relationships and having one of your own, or wanting to make the relationship you are in better.

The more aware you are of where you stand on this delicious topic, the more empowered you will be to move through the challenges of your life experiences that have, up to now, prevented you from attracting the sweetest love or creating a sweetest love situation in the relationship you are currently in!
The article includes excerpts from Find Love at Last! 7 Steps to Attracting the Sweetest Love You Have Ever Known and originated from my personal blog January 11, called Want a Sweet Love? Be it! My book, Find Love at Last! can be purchased at My Store through