Health and Attracting Sweet Love . . . What's the Connection?


The first and second articles of this 4 part series discussed Self-Expression and Relationships. This article discusses the fourth life level: Health.

When a healthy body is not part of your experience, it is very difficult if not impossible to enjoy any aspect of your life fully, let alone attract a sweet love. The quality of one’s health is expressed emotionally, physically, and spiritually, and influences over all well-being. An imbalance in one area creates an imbalance in the other areas.

Have you ever noticed that the quality of your health often determines the quality of relationship you attract, have, or if you have one at all?

Have you also noticed that the more you focus on the physical challenge, the bigger it becomes, and that experiencing the other side of it may not occur to you? With your focus on what is not wanted, experiencing the health you desire is not an option. This is the Law of Attraction in Action.

Take a look at your life . . . your physical, and emotional health, as well as your ability to create, and attract the desires of your heart, including the sweetest love.

If having perfect health is what you desire, the brief introduction below will get you on your way from here to there. If the steps presented are new or unfamiliar to you, I invite you to open your heart to consider this approach. Personally, I believe there is no other way.

This approach has no room for mediocrity; it is the path of practicing a heart focused life style that gets you in alignment with the truth of who you are, making the best all things wanted available to you.

Every acquired physical aliment is usually born in response to the predominate thoughts and emotions you have about yourself, and your life experience.

The article, The Mind, Body and Spirit of Attracting the Sweetest Love, on my personal blog discusses how this trilogy works together for better or worse, and in accordance with the quality of one’s thoughts and emotions. The power of thought and emotions will be discussed in later articles more fully, however for now that it is the fuel of life experiences.

Having said that, when you are in harmony with the Spirit You, your vibration is high and doesn’t match the lower vibrations that support illness, the vibration of any negative emotion. In this state of being, illness is not an option. In this state of being you are also in harmony with the sweet love you desire.

Want better health, more joy, and sweet love? Here are a few tips to help you with that.

• Start and accept where you are
• Appreciate where you are
• In your state of appreciation, focus on how you want to feel in your body and see yourself feeling inspired to do whatever it is to get you where you want to be, for your sake, not to get the guy. Sweet love will come once self-love is intrinsically experienced in your life.
This article contains experts from my book, Find Love and Last! 7 Steps to Attracting the Sweetest Love You Have Ever Known! It originated from my personal blog article,
Health . . . What’s Love Got to Do With It? 

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