Who Is Winning-You or Time?


Is it time for a new approach...managing your energy instead of your time?

In the race against time, who is winning-you or time?

What tracks has chasing time left across your life? Gray hair? Wrinkles? Extra padding around your middle? Acid reflux?

Kids that don't talk to you? Guilt over missed school and family events?

A Google search for "time management" yields 129,000,000 results. Individually and as organizations, we spend millions on books, DVDs, courses and coaches to help us manage our time in hopes that it will improve our productivity, bottom line and peace of mind. In fact, I talk to people every day who are confident, successful and accomplished in their career and yet, they inevitably reveal the chink in their armor "I'm sorry, but I ran out of time." or "I wish I could , but I don't have time." or "Someday, I'll make the time." It begs the question, who is winning?

It's time to change the game. Time to stop falling for the #1 form of self sabotage that gets in the way of achieving your goals and living the life of your dreams. In order to realize your full potential and-by the way- ENJOY life in the process, it is critical to stop trying to outsmart time and begin to manage energy instead. Physical, mental and emotional energy. No more dragging out of bed in the morning and pretending to be excited about the day. Stop saying no to your family because you can't fit it all in. Give up the notion that things will be better in the future if you put in a few more hours now.Oh- and BONUS-have clearer skin, lose weight, boost your immune system and just plain feel better.

Assess Your Energy Level Now!

There are two important reasons to manage your energy instead of your time:

* If you aren't managing your energy, you are voluntarily putting obstacles between you and your goals and dreams
* Energy is a barometer of how well your body is in balance. Low energy signals compromised brain and body function that eventually results in degeneration of cells which means aging, illness and premature death.

As human beings, we are meant to feel good. We are genetically designed to live to be 120 years old and to have fun doing so. We should wake up easily in the morning and not crash when we get home at night. We shouldn't need caffeine and stimulants to work up enthusiasm about our day. We don't need to feel tired, hopeless or overwhelmed.

Boost your energy intentionally by why, what and how you eat. Actively invest in your energy by cleansing or fasting 2-3 times a year and checking for common deficiencies that interfere with digestion and absorption. Make sure your thoughts lift you up not drain you. Most importantly, stop thinking artificial energy helps you "work well under pressure." I assure you, there will be a consequence. I invite your to Subscribe to One Whole Health...FOR YOU! for monthly tips on investing in your energy.

All the energy in the world is available to you-you simply need to clean the glass and let it shine through the window. When you think of the biggest vision that you have for your life, I hope you know see that there is no way you can live to your full potential without a high energy level. And I hope you choose to begin growing your energy by registering for the group course Managing Your Energy Not Your Time. Don't wait for the day stands still.