Can Journaling Improve Your Health?


Journaling Has a Way of Motivating People to Take Action and Improve Their Energy Level.

Journaling can be described as keeping a diary, getting your thoughts out of your head and onto paper, or reflecting on your emotions by writing them down. Want to know my definition? The acceleration of progress! I say this because after introducing an on-line journal into my health coaching practice, I immediately noticed an interesting correlation; the clients that were journaling consistently saw greater results than the clients who were not journaling. This is true for weight loss, stress management, incorporating new foods in the diet, exercising and even making lifestyle changes to improve specific health conditions. Journaling has a way of motivating people to take action that they have previously been avoiding. So much so, that the on-line journal is now an integral part of every private and group coaching program I offer. Sign up now for your FREE on-line journal and self-guided course.

Journaling can help you:

* Be clear about your goals
* Accurately account for your daily thoughts and activities
* Increase your decision making and problem solving skills
* Release excess and negative energy
* Maintain the focus to achieve any goal
* Improve your enthusiasm and energy level
* View your situation objectively

As if that were not enough, The Journal of the American Medical Association sites findings that journaling and expressive writing can reduce symptoms of asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic illnesses. Learn more about the One Whole Health on-line journal community.  Research shows that journaling can also:

* Improve Immunity
* Reduce the negative effects of stress
* Provide clearer thinking through improved cognitive functioning
* Increase energy level and enthusiasm
* Promote more restful sleep

Joseph Califano, Jr., Founder and Chairman of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) teaches that, "You the individual can do more for your own health than any doctor, any drug or any exotic medical device." My experience has shown me that the more the individual is an active participant in their own life and health, the faster they are healed. Journaling is a means by which you can actively participate in your own wellness! See what One Whole Health clients say about journaling.

Start journaling and begin your life!