3 Electric Ways To SAVE Your Dying Relationship

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Let's get your love life back on track!

Bad relationships don't start over night. Sure, they might feel as if they do, but clearly they don't. There is a progression, sometimes incredibly evident, sometimes not, but the key is to take action before it is potentially too late.

Here is relationship advice that you can employ to maintain a happy healthy relationship, not only right from the beginning, but also when you know or sense that things might be going awry.

1. Have A Heart-To-Heart Talk

Sure it sounds simple but we all know that asking for a heart-to-heart can be a bit intimating. Still, there's no getting away from it, clearing the air and laying everything out on the table is the first step to improving a diminishing relationship.

This "serious" talk should take place when you're both calm and, in order for the relationship or problem to change (and stay changed) these talks should occur on a regular basis.

Maintaining an open line of communication about things other than bills, the kids and what needs to be fixed in the house is an excellent way to find your way back to the relationship you had before "life" got in the way.

2. Apologize For REAL

All couples have tough times, arguments and disagreements that can often escalate and become fraught with emotion. It's at this time that a sincere apology is most important.

A "real" apology is often the missing link to getting the other person to cease being on the attack and to allow reconciliation to occur. An apology indicates that you're taken ownership of the situation and are ready to make it better and move on.  (That means not holding a grudge!)

3. Make Time For Your Relationship

 We live in a frenetic world. Everyone is working harder and with longer hours the demands of work, children, running a household and more can eat away at the healthy relationship that you once had.

You need to schedule time to be together in a stress-free and mutually enjoyable environment.  And no, it doesn't mean taking an entire day away from work and the family although doing that every once in a while wouldn't be such a bad idea!

The trick is to compare schedules and find the time (even just an hour) to simply be together and enjoy each other's company.

Oftentimes these action steps are all that are needed to patch up a relationship that has begun to fray. If these don't seem to work then additional collaborative actions might be required to address problems that go a bit deeper.

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This article was originally published at www.Relationshipsuite.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.