Tips On Effective Communication Skills For Your Relationship

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Here are some tips on effective communication skills for your relationship!

The most common issue my clients face is the struggle to communicate in their relationships. Communication is at the core of every relationship. Misunderstandings come up so frequently, making communication all the more challenging. How often do misunderstandings are in your relationship?

A subscriber, Danny, asked me to help him on how to address communication issues with his wife of 6 years. He complained that they are constantly having misunderstandings that lead to fights. Danny said that he loves his wife, “but cannot stand that their fights take up so much of his energy.

"He asked me how to improve communication with his wife so that they can prevent misunderstandings or at least minimize them so they can avoid arguments that are affecting their relationship."

I told Danny to set time 30 minutes aside with his wife and structure. It’s important to select a time for your talk when you are not under a great deal of stress and you and your partner are feeling calm and relaxed.

USweekly “prevention talks”ng structured communication is not a magic formula; it is only a set of helpful guidelines allowing you to create safe boundaries within which you and your partner can confront and work through issues. It gives you and your partner the opportunity to discuss issues more objectively where you can be less reactive as you examine the relationship.

You want to focus the discussion on some of your arguments and what caused the misunderstandings. Some discussion points for Danny could be: What are their sensitive points? What does his wife need that she might feel she is not getting? Often unresolved issues contribute to misunderstandings.

What lingering feelings do they need to discuss, even if it came up before, that wasn't resolved? What are ways in which they can shift how they are speaking to each other so that they can both feel heard and validated?

If you can set aside time to more objectively discuss issues in your relationship, you will be open to the possibility of understanding what your partner is going through emotionally, and such insight will be available for your partner to see in you. I suggest you start by allocating 30 minutes for these “prevention talks” on a weekly basis and then have them less frequently as your communication improves. These talks are essential and could make a difference as you create a healthier relationship with your partner.

Are you feeling challenged in your relationship because you don’t feel heard, getting the empathy you need or that your partner understands you? Are you not feeling the romance and intimacy the way you did when you first started dating?

It is possible to feel heard, get your needs met and reconnect to your partner feeling the romance like when you first started dating. 

After 18 years of being a therapist and practicing counseling with thousands of couples, I have broken down the basics of relationship challenges and put together something so easy to access and understand that can help you learn how to effectively communicate and get that connection back to your partner.

If you're ready to feel heard and rekindle the romance and intimacy, this is for you"

This article was originally published at www.relationshipsuite.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.