Take A Time Out From The Danger Zone, Restrain Your Anger

Take a breather

Learn how to successfully call a timeout during an argument with your partner.

You began the conversation with altruistic intentions. The intensity and staccato of your voices signal that you and your partner are approaching a full-blown argument. You don’t want to fling insults and accusations. You just need a time out.

What can you do?

The next time your conversation enters the danger zone—the point where an argument is near—request a time out. For added levity, assign a playful code word to this break like, "hamburger." Whatever you do, don’t storm out or abandon your conversation. Requesting a time out is a cue that you love your partner enough to cool down so your anger does not irreparably damage the relationship.

Unfortunately, anger rears its ugly head in every relationship. It is one of those flaws in human nature, borne out of frustration, defensiveness and guilt.

But it can be controlled. This discipline, like any form of discipline, requires work on the part of both partners; and, by using anger control strategies and relationship advice such as this, couples can develop healthy confrontation skills creating a healthy relationship. And if couples need a bit of assistance in controlling anger in their relationships, a bit of guidance in the form of relationship coaching does wonders.

The key is not to let your anger control you, but, through the use of relationship developmental tools, to be in control of your anger. Difficult and confrontational conversations will always exist in a relationship, but yelling and resentment can be eradicated.

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This article was originally published at www.relationshipsuite.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.