6 Ways To Have KILLER Confidence And Achieve Your Goals

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6 Ways to Trust Your Vision Even When You Doubt Yourself

Trust yourself!

Ordinary people are accomplishing extraordinary things, yourself included. They all have their own special roadmap tailored to their own dreams and goals. There's something  present in each and every one of them, something that kept them grounded when they were losing their way or made them wake up with a smile on their faces. They all have a clear vision. Most of them didn’t know how they were going to accomplish their goal, some took detours along the way, others found that the first road they took was the right one, and others simply trusted their vision even when they doubted themselves.

While it can be extremely hard to always keep faith in our vision, there are always a few steps we can all take to make sure we stay on our path; we stand in our vision and trust that we are making the right choices even when we don’t completely trust ourselves.

1. Write the vision down.


Write it as many times as it takes for us to get it, to feel it as if it’s part of our very being. Once we get clear about that, the best thing is to write it in a place that where we can always see. It could be next to the bathroom mirror at home, on the computer or phone wallpaper, in the office. When we let ourselves soak in the power of that written vision, the game plan will change every day, but the vision will remain the same.

2. Do something that serves the vision every day.


Sometimes visions get so big, they seem daunting when we set off to conquer them. When we break down the vision in small little steps, it allows us to tackle them every day.

3. Get back up.


We will fall and we will fail. We will have moments when everything seems to be in vain and when our vision seems so far away that it will never be accomplished. Prepare for that. Whether it’s a good friend that we can talk to, who can bring us back up or whether it’s just taking a day off to take our mind off it so we can come back with fresh eyes. If we have a plan in place to get us back up, it will make the sun shine again when those rainy days come.

4. Make a ritual.


Make a schedule. Often it’s easier to accomplish something when we make it part of our daily routine. One of my old yoga teachers used to say that yoga should be like brushing your teeth in the morning – you don’t decide if you feel like doing it or not every day, you simply do it. No questions asked.

5. Have a support system.


We can accomplish a lot on our own, but we can accomplish a lot more when we’re part of a team. Ask for support. Bring people on your team who will complement your strengths and will add to your vision.

6. Get committed to your vision.


Often when we set up a great goal, we're excited in the beginning, we feel like we’re walking on Cloud 9 every day. Soon after, we have the days when we fall down and for those days when we need a little pick up to get back up, our vision is the one that keeps us grounded. Knowing that our dream is greater than the emotions of the moment, staying strong in our commitment will always help us get back up and start over again.

Having a clear vision is a powerful thing and declaring that vision without knowing exactly how to achieve it will always set things in motion in the right way. As long as we can stay open and positive to our vision becoming reality, we will always take the necessary steps and notice the things we need to notice in order to bring it to life. So state your vision, write it clearly, and transform your vision into your life.

This article was originally published at Elephant Journal. Reprinted with permission from the author.