Made a mistake? Celebrate!


Are you ever afraid to make a mistake? Do you beat yourself up when you do?

"Lindsey" came to me very discouraged. She had put so much effort into applying to art school, building a portfolio, having it photographed, and completing the application for each school. After her first year in college she realized that she had chosen the wrong school, perhaps the wrong major. She was lonely and stressed. Her grades were poor and she no longer enjoyed drawing, something she had always loved.

Lindsey's words spilled out about all the things she had done wrong and all the time and money she had wasted. Finally, she said "It was all a big mistake. I am such a loser!"

It took some work over a few weeks for Lindsey to see some benefit to all the things she had done, even to having gone to art school at all. She chose to take some time off, work and explore her interests. She took a class at the Junior College in her other love, writing.

Later that year, as she and I were saying goodbye as she prepared to head out on a new path, we sat laughing about some of her memories. When I asked her what had helped the most she said:
"It was when you told me that I would know I was really living my life if I was making lots of mistakes. I really got how being afraid of blowing it can keep me from going for my dreams.Now, when I make a mistake, I celebrate!"