Can You Care Too Much? Overcare revealed.


Our minds are such vastly busy information processing centers. Sometimes it is good to remember to give them a good cleaning. Like me, you may have spent some holiday down time cleaning up your work area, and reviewing your priorities. I have learned to do this kind of clearing process with my thoughts, as well.

One area I have been exploring is the difference between "caring" and "overcaring". It can be challenging to see the difference at first.

The HeartMath Solution describes overcare as follows:
" What distinguishes overcare from care is the heavy, stressful feeling that accompanies it, while true care is accompanied by a regenerative feeling. It is terribly important to care, but if we cross the line to overcare, what we feel is worrisome and stress-producing."

I love this book and program, which offer many solutions to improving mental health and physical well being.

Unconscious beliefs can contribute to overcaring and becoming cut off from healthy forms of caring. Often, we carry old and outmoded beliefs around with us without even realizing how they are weighing us down. Identifying beliefs that lead to overcare can really help.

One way of identifying these beliefs is to do early memory work. Another tool I find very useful is called PSYCH-K (TM) .

Children, in their first five years or so, are in a sort of hypnotic state. They are very absorbent- which is how they can learn so much so fast. As kids, we all absorb some things that are said to us that are not so helpful. Perhaps an influential person in your life told you something like:

* You are no good
* You will never amount to anything
* You don't deserve nice things
* You have to work hard if you want rewards
* You are stupid
* You are clumsy

You may also have acquired subconscious attitudes about what it means to be a caring or "good" person by listening to others:

"If you love someone you worry about them" could be one.
Or "I have to make sure everything is perfect for the speech, the party, the boss, Mom's birthday...".

Perhaps you are a veteran of the personal growth path. Maybe you have tried, affirmations, self help books, support groups, subliminal tapes and CD's and more- All in an effort to let go of some of these unconsciously held beliefs. If you are like me, these have helped in varying degrees- some a lot! Yet, some areas of your life have remained a struggle.

The concept behind PSYCH-K is that we struggle when the subconscious beliefs we hold are in conflict with the conscious goals we are working towards. In other words, the subconscious (the more powerful of the two) sabotages our goals.

I love to support individuals in creating shifts of consciousness towards greater wholeness, happiness, success and well-being by assisting them in rewiring their thoughts and unleashing the power that comes from within them.

You deserve to create your life uniquely the way you want it... which is easier to do than it used to be. We are wired to create! I invite you to just imagine this:

The events of your life can be changed easily by changing your beliefs at the subconscious level of mind - The level of your mind where all things are possible.