Bring On Your Good – perfecting an attitude of gratitude


Have you noticed that in some business or social settings it seems popular to complain? People make funny comments about their spouse's idiosyncrasies, their kids' laziness, their coworkers' habits. Maybe, they complain about the weather, or the crowded parking lot.

If you are hanging out with folks who are doing this, don't let them get away with it! Become a model for looking for what works and "having something nice to say". Guilty, yourself? Cut it out, OK?

The best way to get more of the good stuff is to put all of your attention on what you already have. This isn't some Pollyanna, denial philosophy. The therapy room, support group or occasional gripe session with a friend are good places to release your unhappy thoughts and difficult experiences.

However, on a daily basis, you will find you feel happier and more appreciative of your life, family, work, community and so on, if you focus on gratitude.

In Forgive For Good by Frederic Luskin, there is a great recommendation: Tell your painful story once, twice, then work on letting it go. He teaches wonderful ways to release suffering and stress and find peace around the most painful things.

One good way to shift your focus from negative to grateful is to bring your attention to a happy or joyful memory. The Institute of HeartMath has great mind/body/spirit approaches to shifting your perceptions. The methods they teach are a great way to come into your appreciations mind set, via focus on the heart. The heart actually has its own separate brain, which is wise and intuitive. Check the HeartMath materials out and be amazed!

Here are some ways to change the tone at home or work without being judgmental:

* Find a like minded friend to get together and say "gratitudes" each morning
* Start a trend at work with an appreciation board where folks can hang anonymous positive remarks
* Find a coin on the ground? Pick it up and rejoice aloud. Start a special fund with it and add "windfalls" as they arrive
* Check out The HeartMath Solution by Doc Childre or other Heartmath materials

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude is a great tool on the path of living Your Authentic Life!