Live a Life You Love


When your head and heart agree, you can live the life you love.

A few short weeks ago I was standing in Santa Monica, CA at 7:30p. The sun was kissing me through the giant palm trees. I was preparing to head home to NYC, directly into the fourth four foot snow storm of the season. A giant voice booming out of the back of my head said, “Tell the truth. You love it here. You don’t want to leave.” I heard myself repeat those same words as I looked around to see who said them first. Haha! I did.

It seemed my head and my heart had finally found something to agree upon. And, for the first time I was consciously aware that the time had come for the next massive change in my life. I returned to NYC, purged, sold, gifted, packed, stored, closed up shop and never felt more peaceful, clear and content.

I traded pigeon poop for palm trees. I opened myself to a new kind of paradise. I recognized the time for the heavy leather bound volume of my life’s story to close, allowing a lighter, brighter lace and gossamer version to open.

And now, we’ll see. Who knows? One thing is for sure – the images I see and the lifestyle I know are changing. I am gifting myself with a fresh start, a new day to be the very best version of me in every way. I look forward to sharing the journey with you. Life is always richer when we share it.

So, what about you? What’s new for you? What in your life has changed recently? What in your life is ready for a massive change? Are you ready to make it happen? What holds you back? And, what propels you forward? I’d love to hear from you.

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