I've Always Loved My Body And THIS Is Why

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Happy Girl

Loving your body is simple: seek pleasure with it.

I've always loved my body. Maybe it's because I grew up swimming every summer and pretending to be a mermaid in our backyard pool. Maybe it's because I loved dress up and couldn't wait to have a grown-up body so I could adorn it with high heels and lipstick. Or maybe it's because I was always jumping, twirling and dancing in our living room, taking advantage of every capacity of my body to move, to perform and to feel pleasure.

Having a body has been a very pleasurable experience for me. And I've been too busy enjoying that body to find time to criticize it. How can you complain that you have small legs or large legs when it feels so good to have legs? How can you complain about large breasts or small breasts when it feels so good to have breasts? And yet a recent study done by Self Magazine found that the majority of women still don't love their bodies. Twice as many women love their bodies as in 1992, but that number is still just 14% of women. 14%! I'm sorry, but what's not to love about the female body?

Of course, I haven't had a perfect relationship with my body. There have always been little things that I wanted to change: my right ear that sticks out more than my left, the chicken pox scar on my nose, or now in my thirties, the hyper pigmentation on my face. But I have never hated my body, because that would mean I wasn't getting any pleasure from it. Like any relationship where there is a lot of pleasure, there's a lot of love.  Period. That relationship won't always be perfect, and there will be times when you feel betrayed or hurt or unlovable, but those times will pass. It is the same with the relationship you have with your body. You won't love it 100%, but you won't hate it either, and you will spend most of your life in awesome, loving union with it. Because having a body is amazing!

It's surprising that I have the relationship with my body that I do after everything I've grown up with. I still loved my body when I was told repeatedly that sex was sinful in church, I still loved my body in dance classes full of half-starving ballerinas who thought they were fat, and I still loved my body after all the rejections and disappointments of my teens and twenties and early thirties. For some reason they just couldn't take away the pleasure I got from my body. I'd have to agree with Miley Cyrus when she famously tweeted in 2011, “I love being shaped like a woman.”There is just so much pleasure in having a female form.

So why have I always loved my body?

Because it brings me so much pleasure.

Yes, pleasure is the answer. I have always reveled in pleasure. Eating, dancing, swimming, hugging, kissing, self-pleasuring, bicycle riding, climbing, running- ah! The ecstasy of having a body! I've always loved my body because it gives me so much pleasure.

If you want to love your body, discover the pleasure in it. Find the places where your sensuality and sexuality are blocked and set them free. Create more pleasure in your daily life. Find things that turn you on and do them regularly. This is more powerful than going to the gym or all of the fad diets combined! When you are turned on, you'll find that you love your body more than ever. And your sexual energy will ignite others who revel in your delicious physical form. Find all the pleasure your body has to offer you and I guarantee you can't help but love your body at any shape, age or size.

"I don't mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it." Marilyn Monroe