3 Cures For Your Emotional Sunburn

3 Cures For Your Emotional Sunburn [EXPERT]
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Are you suffering from an emotional sunburn? Find out now!

1. Take time away to cool down. Take a deep breath, a walk, or a time out for at least 20-30 minutes.
2. Find safe person to talk to. Ideally, this should not be that cute and understanding coworker you are physically attracted to. Instead, call your sister.
3. Wait until the sun sets to talk calmly about the burn. Make sure you allow them to do the same. Do not to stay in a hot conversation too long to avoid getting crispy.

Ultimately, an emotional sunburn is healed much the same way as a solar one: with time, patience, some cool soothers like the ones listed above, and wisdom to know how to avoid another burn in the future. Common sense should tell you that if you are currently burned, going back out for another sun session is not the best idea until you are healed; even then, go carefully and slowly. 5 Steps To Self-Love & Happiness [EXPERT]

Burns happen fast, and if you've been burned recently, or even not so recently, you are more sensitive. Take that into account and remember the same might hold true for the other person as well. Try not to "burn in return", no matter how much you hurt. Believe me, that type of burn is one you really wouldn't wish on anyone.

You can protect yourself from a third-degree emotional sunburn, if you follow these tips above and commit to resolving conflict in a less scorching way. And, wear a hat. Traveling? A Surprising, New Way To Conquer Jet Lag