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About Laura Fontaine

Laura Fontaine is a relationship coach who specializes in working with career women in committed relationships with children.  She helps them resolve their unique challenges so they connect with their partner from the heart, achieving and maintaining a deep, soul-satisfying bond.

After 16 years with the same man, Laura understands the ups and downs of relationships.  Her interest in helping women with their relationships began about 5 years ago. She started to question what really makes a healthy relationship after seeing a number of seemingly once strong relationships of her friends crumble under the stress of marriage, work, and children.  This inspired her to gear her coaching towards helping women improve and maintain deeper, more intimate relationships.

Laura has a Master’s degree in Counseling and Human Systems from Florida State University, giving her a fuller understanding of relationships.  She completed her coach training through the College of Executive Coaching and is a Board Certified Coach.  Over a decade of working with individuals, couples, and families as a therapist gives her a unique perspective on the workings of relationships and the power of the individual.  Her passion is to help women have the best relationships they can envision for themselves. 

She lives outside of Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, young daughter, and two rambunctious Boxers. 


If your relationship could use a boost, go to Laura Fontaine Coaching and sign up for my free action guide, "10 Tips to Connecting with Your Partner from the Heart, Creating a Deep, Soul-Satisfying bond."  Connect with her on her Facebook page for more relationship information and discussions or contact her directly at laura@laurafontainecoaching.com or 

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