Joy and Happiness


What do you really want to create in your life, money, power, things? Joy and Happiness!

In essence, we are talking about thoughts. Thoughts create everything. If you have been my client, then you will remember me saying “What you think, you create.” What each and every client wants is freedom, power, choice, acceptance, and peace. And the bottom line is JOY and HAPPINESS. It is not about what is happening outside of you, but what you are thinking and experiencing within you. Why do you want the things, money, power, because you want to experience joy and happiness.

To make any changes in your life, you must take the following steps.

1. Identify what you want to change.

2. Identify why you want to change

3. Identify what steps must be taken to create the change

4. Begin to take the steps to create change.

5. Be passionate about the change.

Normally, we can all go through all the steps except for #5. Instead, we begin avoiding, create reasons and excuses. This is self-sabotage. We begin the “if only I was…”, “in the past, … would happen”, “I’ve always been ….”, “my life is so busy…”, “my job requires …”, I must do…with my family”, etc. I call this “yeah but…”. I always wonder why are we open to unhappiness and misery if creating joy and happiness means changing our current comfort zone!


I would like you to imagine that each “what if”, “if only”, “I must”, “I should”, “I can’t”, “Yeah but”, each old sabotaging belief (whatever is holding you back from change), is a pebble. The pebbles can be small, medium and large depending on the heaviness you feel when you say them. And you are going to place the pebbles in a backpack that has several pockets and compartments. You will then place the backpack on your back. Imagine in front of you is your path in this lifetime and it is leading up a mountain side (life) to a brilliant light (joy and happiness). You begin walking up the incline, and you can feel the heaviness of the backpack, the straps begin to cut into your shoulders which start to droop, each step you take seem more and more difficult. So you decide to take a rest and you open one of the pockets in your backpack. You begin to unload the pebbles from that pocket. And you begin your walk up the mountain side again, with your backpack on your back. At first your load seems lighter but after a while, once again you begin to slow down and feel the heaviness of the load. You see that you are only half way up the mountain. You stop again and empty more of the pebbles out of the backpack. (Be aware of what these pebbles represent and how it feels to unload them) As you start on the path once more, you begin to see the brilliant light and you can feel the excitement building within you. Because of the excitement, you are unaware that something has torn the backpack and the pebbles are all falling out!!!! You reach the summit of the mountain, you feel the brilliance of the light all around you. You have let go and now you feel joy and happiness.