Fears Bubbling To The Surface


Learn to control your thoughts and emotions and eliminate your fears.

In this fear based climate of financial concerns, it appears that our other fears are bubbling up to the surface. Those fears which have been a minor inconvenience in the past are now becoming full-blown anxiety attacks. In this society we are seeing our hard-earned savings melt away, our jobs in jeopardy and we are frightened, we feel helpless. Now, we know that emotions can become the powerhouse of our thoughts. Negative emotions power the negative thoughts and positive emotions power positive thoughts. But understand that all fears are the “fear of losing control”, not being in control of our thoughts, our actions, our body’s reactions, our environment.

No matter where you live in this world, we are all being affected by these challenging times. But you can take positive steps to lay a healthy foundation for yourself and family.

* Become aware of what you can control and what you cannot.

* Analyze your fear, ie - when did it start, what triggers the fear, and how does it make you feel.

* Ask for help from a friend, spiritual advisor or counselor (or hypnotist).

* Put limits on sensational, bad news.

* Put limits on your conversations with negative or pessimistic people.

* Every morning, state positive affirmations.

* Start a savings accounts.

* Limit credit card spending.

I have created a You Tube for “Releasing Fears”. http://youtu.be/E0TjwkuA-rg

By taking steps to create your life, you lay the foundation in your life that may create peace of mind and a sense that you can control this part of your life.

Laura West, CHt


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